To Writing More 🍻

I’m grateful for writing in 2017, and I’d like to write more in 2018. I have been writing as far as I can remember, but the act still has a lot to show and teach me about myself. The despair in thinking that you’re not good enough, the discipline in finishing a project, the satisfaction in finishing that project, the exasperation of editing. I didn’t know that I could be that depressed or accomplished as a person.

My biggest writing achievement of 2017 was my musical. I’ve been writing it for many years. I finished the first draft, written and composed, last October. This project has become more than a creative project. It’s an ambition, a dream, and most of all: a consolation.

In the beginning of a 2017, I ended a relationship. As one does in the aftermath of a breakup, I looked for a distraction, so I could stop crying for a bit. But a lot of things reminded me of him. Except my musical. My musical reminds me of no one but me. It wasn’t inspired by anyone, nor is it written for anyone. It’s an embodiment of how I have grown and am still growing as a writer. More than a writer, but an artist, because I compose the music too.

Even if I don’t get to release the musical, it is still a personal and creative milestone that I finally reach after decades. And I can’t wait to arrive at future milestones.

I’m starting 2018 pretty good. My short story will be published this week. It’ll be my first professional fiction publication, so yes, that’s a milestone. I have never published anything professionally before! What have I been doing?

Watch this space! Click on the image for more info ;)

Das Sollen is also still waiting to be completed. The whole team is working on publishing it this semester. I spent a couple of months last year isolating myself in my writing cave to finish the treatment. The end result was an 11,000-word document. And I saw. I could do this.

When Das Sollen is done, I have at least a couple of writing projects on queue. Outside of the musical, I want to try my hands on film screenplay and novel. I have never finished a novel in my life. It’s such a daunting task for me. But if I could write 11,000 words in two months, I should be able to write 50,000 in a year.

So I have set up a writing tracker on my journal. The aim is to motivate me to write every day. It’s not about how many words I write, but about being consistent. Make it as constant as breathing. Bragging in my writing group helps too, because I finish something and they don’t haha

Here’s to a year of writing. 🍻

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