Songs I Wrote

I wrote my first song in junior high school. It was an emo one (of course). It’ll never see the light of day haha I still keep this collection of old lyrics. They’re embarrassing, but they make a nice reminder of what teenage me went through. One of my favourites is the one I wrote in high school. It’s about these cheap shades my friends and I bought at the mall. It’s unfortunate my band never got to perform it live.

Since then, I’ve written more songs. When we’re tired of our musical, Pandji and I write pop songs as a distraction. We have made three so far. Maybe when we have three more, we’ll release an EP. Here is one that we have published.

It’s called Rio. The first verse came to me when I got home in the morning after partying all night in mid 2016. I finished the lyrics not long after. Pandji and I are musical soulmates, we’re in sync. It only took one evening to put the whole music together. We made some sort of emergency studio: recorded the material in my phone, then finished it in Garage Band. Let me know what you think? :D

Yours truly on vocal, Pandji on the keys.

Rara and I also spent a day once, where we recorded a few songs. This one was a pure joke. Remember that viral video? About a guy who crashed his ex’ wedding, and the wedding MC was being ridiculously, hilariously calm about it. Yeah, we made a song about it. The chorus and coda I wrote are almost verbatim to what the MC said. And Rara made a beautiful arrangement for it.

I’m pleasantly surprised to hear how clean it sounds, considering we recorded it on the phone.

Please expect something different out of my musical. It’s different from the above. xD

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