Quick Update 171008

It has been a busy weekend, my friends. I had a drink and caught up with a loved one. He made a quick illustration of me holding a glass of beer. I love it and am thinking of framing it 💚 I also spent my Saturday shooting an upcoming video, which I can’t talk about right now, but hopefully next month. :D

On Saturday night, Pandji and I jammed on Kemaro. We only had two scenes left, but we overestimated ourselves. We spent almost four hours and only finished one scene. By the end of those four hours, my brain was fried. We’re jamming again next week, and I can’t wait to finish that one last scene. I’m looking forward to release and share the highlights with you!

Today I had an editorial meeting with Bonni for the comic. We spent three hours to outline two chapters. You guess right, my brain was fried. Then I went home and worked on a couple of contracts, determined to submit them before tomorrow’s deadline. By now my brain is overcooked.

I’m going to relax now, finishing Amanda Palmer’s The Art of Asking. I’ve been listening to The Dresden Dolls since Friday and here’s one of my favourites. Enjoy Girl Anachronism.

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