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160102 Super Junior KRY’s “Phonograph” in Jakarta

I gotta say it. This is the best SM concert I’ve ever seen. The size of the concert is modest for Super Junior’s standard. The stage was quite small. The audience was close to the stage. Mecimapro has built a good, high, and neat tribune, better than their previous concerts.

The concert concept was also simple. SJ KRY falling in love, getting their heart broken, and found solace in vynils on phonographs. In the beginning it was such a melancholia, Korean drama style, so much screaming from secondhand embarrassment coming out of me. But in the end, the overall was good.

The stage design is VERY romantic. There were floating lights, creating all kinds of shapes and constellation. The backdrops were romantic as well. Stars, aurora, smoke, lighthouse, flying petals, waterfall. There was some beautiful mapping projected on KRY’s pedestals. It was a really great visual. Then the lighting during Heartquake omg the lights created this stop motion effect on KRY, it was almost trippy. At the end of the concert, KRY disappeared down the stage, and a phonograph replaced them. Beauuuutiful.

And the whole 2,5-hour concert was live! With a live band! There was more music than fanservice. I love it because it wasn’t strictly choreographed and KRY were just focused on singing. The result was adlibs galore. There was even live string performance for one of their songs! I’m sorry they didn’t do anything special with their arrangement though. They could have done anything.

I mostly know KRY’s old songs, but they sang my favorites ❤️ Han Sarammaneul, Heartquake, and For U. I wished they’d sing Zephyr of the West Wind :( But KRY and Leeteuk sang Our Love! Favorite fanchant ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️ that song and the fanchant always created an intimacy between SJ and ELF, even when only four members were singing it. Too bad they didn’t sing Sorry Sorry.

Leeteuk sang solo. I was too distracted by his flawless skin to notice the song. He was hitting these high notes, his neck turned red, but his face stayed perfectly flawless and white. LOL I’d like to know what BB Cream they put on him. He also wore this pretty sequin (?) jacket, the others kept making jokes about how bright he looked today. But I want that jacket! It’s perfect! And of course, with Leeteuk there, he immediately became the MC and clown of the show. The four of them goofed around the way they always did and we had so much laughter. 😂 They all tried their best to speak Indonesian, especially Ryeowook! He even wrote this long letter for us in Indonesian! And he was almost accentless! He was basically saying goodbye before enlisting for the army. Then he sang Noah’s “Separuh Aku” and Bebi Romeo’s “Bunga Terakhir”. Ryeowook was so cute omg I want to put him in my pocket! Yesung who?

Look at this family picture ❤️

And now, other aspects of the concert. The crowd control was great! They hired different FOH from Big Bang’s concert, and this one was much stricter. You really cannot joke around with them. They checked your everything and they told you a firm no when you’re not allowed to do something. They actually called on people using pro cameras. Unfortunately, there was no policy on smartphones, so it was quite annoying when people raised their arms high to record the show. But the most curious thing was, ELF was being orderly. I honestly expected them to stand on their seats, but they didn’t. The ones who did stand up was quickly reprimanded by the security. The queueing lines were neat too. There was no bottleneck among the lines for tickets, merchandise, and entrance. I wonder if Mecimapro can keep this up for their next bigger concerts. Despite what happened in Big Bang’s concert, it was obvious Mecimapro has learned from their mistakes, because so far their last two concerts were orderly. But I admit they were small concerts.
I think this concert was a success. Minimum disaster too. There was some issues from us, FanTix, but we dealt and learned from it. I’m still sorry to those people at the end of our issue, we really are. We have a lot of homework for the next concert in order to make sure our mistakes don’t happen again. As for the rest, well, ELF are still demanding as always. I have learned to ignore their unnecessary requests. ✌️

See you at the next concert!

FanTix signing off!

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Pendaftaran Project #SS6INA

Tiket bisa dibeli di FanTix.

Tiket bisa dibeli di FanTix.

Halo, saya Uti (@writerinthedark), salah satu pendiri @TwELFs juga. Saya sudah ditunjuk oleh promotor Super Show 6 Indonesia, Synergism Entertainment, untuk menyaring fanprojects SS6INA.

Berikut adalah tata cara memasukkan fanproject:
1. Tulis dan rincikan fanproject kamu dalam 1 (satu) dokumen word. 1 (satu) dokumen aja, ga usah banyak-banyak ya.

2. Halaman pertama diisi dengan informasi koordinator project: nama, nomor telepon, email, twitter, contact person, fanbase (jika ada). Kalau koordinator ada lebih dari 1 (satu), tulis semua namanya, dan tunjuk 1 (satu) pemimpinnya.

3. Deskripsikan fanproject dengan rinci. Fanproject-nya apa, alatnya apa aja, dan berapa banyak. Terus design-nya bagaimana (kalau ada). Terus jadwalnya bagaimana, kapan barangnya masuk atau dibagikan, kapan project-nya dilaksanakan (pas lagu apa, dan seterusnya), pokoknya yang sejelas-jelasnya ya.

4. Setelah identitas diri dan fanproject kamu jelaskan dengan rinci, dokumennya di-upload ke Google Drive atau Dropbox, kemudian mention link-nya ke Twitter saya. Ingat, file-nya jangan di-private ya, biar saya bisa liat.

UPDATED 150407 17.00 WIB
5. Pendaftaran ditutup tanggal 14 April 2015 jam 23.00 WIB.

Saya akan berkoordinasi dengan promotor dalam menyeleksi fanproject yang akan dipilih. Hanya fanproject terpilih yang akan saya hubungi melalui Twitter, dan setelah itu pembicaraan akan dilanjutkan melalui email.

Terima kasih! ^^

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This is How I Learned the Economics

Super Junior’s career skyrocketed internationally in 2009 because of ‘Sorry, Sorry’. They’ve generated a large amount of fans, including in Indonesia. Up until today, Super Junior’s Indonesian fanbase, Sujunesia, has 113,122 followers on twitter. So you can imagine how big the band is here. I’d say it’s not bad.

After 2009, the hallyu wave became the new trend and demands were very high for K-Pop artists to perform here. Albeit very much segmented, the number of K-Pop enthusiasts was enough to get the cash flowing. SHINee came in 2010 for an embassy event. It was free, but the venue was only enough for 3,000 people. Outside were thousands of people hoping against all hope to be let in, the committee had to put up screens so they could watch the performance too. But after that, the hallyu gate in Indonesia was opened a little bit wider.

The long-awaited Super Junior came in 2012, in which Jakarta was included for their fourth worldwide tour, the Super Show. The response was phenomenal. Triple concerts consecutively in a 10,000-people capacity venue, all sold out. The concerts gained so much profit, the promoter ran away with the money. He’s on trial now. But it was such a benchmark event, after that, everyone went neck to neck in making the next biggest K-Pop concerts in Jakarta, especially after Psy’s “Gangnam Style” went viral. Including Super Junior. They kept coming back, again and again, it’s hard to believe that their presence used to be so scarce here.

Many K-Pop artists have performed here in the last 2 years. The ticket prices are relatively expensive because the production cost is not cheap either. However, this situation does not meet the fans’ pockets, who are mostly students. Opportunity cost occurs. Which concerts should they go to? Or should they just see the artists at the airport and hotel? Or should they just wait for the ticket prices to go down on D-day? Because believe it or not, ever since Super Junior’s Super Show 4, these K-Pop concerts rarely gained break even point, let alone profits.

In case of Super Junior, I feel like they’ve become an excess of supply. After many visits, they returned this year for Super Show 5. But this year, they held a double concert instead of triple, still in the same venue, but nope, not sold out. The loss was quite a red mark on the promoter’s report card, and they just went public. This excess of supply should have caused demands to go lower, but still, Super Junior’s labelmate, SNSD, came anyway, with a concert of their own, held for one day, organized by the very same promoter, at the same venue. And turns out the promoter gained profits, despite their loss in Super Show 5 and the cancelled Aerosmith concert. It’s either SNSD successfully covered the promoter’s loss, or these profits include the company’s exhibition organizing business, which has been their main line of business all along.

Either way, I don’t see K-Pop here as big as they used to be, but the concerts keep happening anyway, and their artist fee & production cost are still undeservingly high. Why? I think it’s because the K-Pop business is experiencing a bubble and it will burst soon. I’d say it’s already bursting. Many promoters went down after holding K-Pop events, and for those that remain, it looks like they’ve had enough. We only have a few months left in 2013, and I haven’t heard any plans of K-Pop concerts for 2014. We’ll see.

So, yeah, this is how I teach myself the economics, by analyzing familiar case studies LMAO. Please let me know where I’ve gone wrong with this. I still have a lot more to learn, but so far I’m really enjoying it. The economics feels more down to earth than law. I hope I’m in the right direction.

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When Ddangkoma Wasn't There

“Wookie, did you see Ddangkoma?” asked Yesung, waking up Ryeowook.

“Huh? Who?” answered Ryeowook drowsily.

“Ddangkoma! My turtle!” Yesung pointed out desperately.

“Oh… That turtle. No, hyung, haven’t seen him anywhere…” And Ryeowook fell back to sleep.

Feeling upset, Yesung left their room and went to the living room. Some of the members were there watching TV.

“Ya, have anyone of you seen Ddangkoma?” asked Yesung. No one answered, they kept watching the TV.

“Ya!” Yesung exclaimed.

“Oh, sorry, hyung, didn’t see you there. Want some popcorn?” Sungmin said without taking his eyes off the TV.

“I don’t want your stupid popcorn! Do you know where Ddangkoma is?”

“Now where have I heard that name before…?” Donghae wondered aloud.

“It’s my turtle, stupid!”

“You mean that pet of yours that never does anything except blinking his two stupid eyes?” asked Eunhyuk absent-mindedly.

“Some people say pets are so much like their owner,” Siwon added to Eunhyuk.

“Ya! Who are you calling stupid!” Yesung broke out angrily. Right that second, Shindong went in with a bowl of soup. He was startled and almost dropped his bowl when Yesung suddenly stormed at him.

“Whoa, my soup! My soup!”

“Forget your stupid soup! Did you take Ddangkoma again?”

“What the hell is a Ddangkoma?”

“My turtle, you fathead! Did you use him to hold your broken door again?” Yesung almost burst into tears.

“You mean that shell-like thingy? I thought it’s a paperweight,” said Shindong innocently.

“No! It’s my beloved turtle! Where is it? Where is it??”

That was when Kangin broke into the commotion.

“Shut up, Yesung! Why are you making such a fuss! You never take good care of your pet anyway! You probably just keep him because you paid a lot of money for him.”

“What are you saying! I love Ddangkoma! Unlike all of you, he’s the only one who never complains at everything I’m doing!”

To his horror, Yesung realized that his words were so true. He couldn’t stand being in the living room anymore. He went to his room and shed his held tears. He knew he wasn’t such a good owner. Sometimes he forgot to feed Ddangkoma, but he loved Ddangkoma. Ddangkoma never complained when he sang at the top of his lungs. Ddangkoma always listened to his random blabber. Ddangkoma accompanied him sleeping. Ddangkoma was always there. And now he wasn’t.

“Hyung, why are you crying?” Ryeowook woke up to the sound of Yesung crying.

“I lost Ddangkoma…” Yesung sobbed. That was when a big fluffy cat went into the room, followed by Heechul yelling.

“Heebum, get back here! You need to take a bath! You stink!”

Suddenly a horrible idea jumped on Yesung’s mind. He grabbed Heebum and shook him left and right.

“Nooo! You ate my turtle! Spit him out! Spit, stupid cat! Give him back to me!”

“Ya! Who are you calling stupid!” yelled Heechul angrily.

“Your cat! He ate Ddangkoma!”

“Never! Heebum never eats trash!”

“Ya! Who are you calling trash!”

Meanwhile Ryeowook was crying staring at his hyungs fighting.

“Hyung, don’t fight…” Ryeowook asked helplessly.

“Stop screaming!” Hankyung interrupted. By the ladle he was holding, it was clear to see that Hankyung was in the middle of cooking. Another terrible idea came to Yesung’s mind.

“Nooo! You cooked him! How could you!” Yesung dropped to his knees and cried some more.

“Cook what? I’m making Beijing fried rice for Heechul,” said Hankyung and then went back to the kitchen.


Yesung was still on the floor, all air seemed to have gone from his lungs.

“Hyung, don’t cry.. I’ll help you look for him,” Ryeowook told Yesung soothingly.

In Kyuhyun’s room.

Kyuhyun put down his brush and stared at his closed door. He wondered why there was so much noise outside. By the hysterical yelling, he thought it must have been Yesung yelling here and there. He almost went out of his room to see what the problem was when the noise cleared down. He waited for a moment and then shrugged.

Kyuhyun went back to his table and took his paint brush. On his table were various colors of oil paint. He dipped his brush in one of the color and then painted it on a thing on his table. He added a few brush in invisible spots and then smiled, satisfied at his done work.

“Ddangkoma, you look so much better in pink.”

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