Introducing: Studio Darurat Putra Putri

It’s a working name. Hopefully, soon Pandji and I will come up with a much better, commercial name for our band. If we don’t, we’ll just stick with this. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

Why this name, you ask? Because we are dirt poor, we don’t have real equipments to record our music properly. So we sing and play, then record everything with our phone, to be processed in Garage Band. Yes, it’s an emergency studio.

Anyway, I’ve always been a huge fan of The Paps. The first time I heard them was in Bandung. I just finished high school. A group of us went to Bandung for university entrance tests. I applied to Unpad and Unpar law schools–I got accepted in both by the way. In between studying for the tests, we explored Bandung. One day we came across an empty school festival. The Paps were playing. It was love at first note.

Pandji doesn’t really listen to them. But we both love The Paps’ ‘Sementara’, anthem for the brokenhearted. We love to sing it loud from time to time.

Pretty sure we were high when that video happened.

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