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[THE PROFESSIONALS] Graphic Designer/Illustrator by Karima Nurrahmi

Karima is one of the designers for Spazz & Dazz. Her Photoshop edits of EXO are so awesome, don’t be surprised to see the number of notes in her Tumblr. I like her style so much, I’ve asked her to design my new blog skin. And her vector art is great UGH ♥


Name’s Karima, some people call me Karimcuy, others call me Karimjong, and I call myself a dreamer.

I’m currently 24 years old, and working as an illustrator/graphic designer in Bandung, Indonesia.

Before I tell you what an illustrator/graphic designer does, let me tell you how I ended up in this creative industry.

I had sooooo many dream jobs when I was a child; engineer, news announcer, president, astronomer, diplomat, artist, and comic illustrator. I grew up with animation movies, comic books, and video games, but I never thought I’d really work on that field. I thought it was nothing but a childhood dream, because neither of my parents nor my academic life led me into that way. I attended science class at high school and planned to apply to the Urban Planning Major (since I loved playing Sim City) because dad wanted me to. So yeah, Urban Planning was good, BUT hold up, I was still keeping this dream of becoming an illustrator or anything related with drawing. I imagined how cool it’d be to make video games or animation movies (even though later I found out I wasn’t that into them). So I mentioned this to my parents, that I’d like to apply to Visual Communication Design and here I am, successfully graduated even though perhaps they slightly doubted my major at first. “Where are you going to work?” is a common question when you study at Visual Communication Design/Faculty of Art and Design, it’s like an alien major to most of the elders. If some of you have the same problem with me, just tell your parents not to worry, because graphic designers are needed everywhere and you can start to earn money even before you graduate.

Why did I want to attend visual communication major? Well, I think people like illustrators, artists, animators, writers, and developers work like magic, like they can create something impossible with their hands, something beyond most of human’s imagination, touch people’s hearts and shape their way of thinking. How much does a comic or an animation movie influence the way you think?

Now, what am I doing as an illustrator/graphic designer?

Well, I draw and make photo manipulation of pretty boys. Kidding. But those are my sweet escape.

People say a designer solves problems, but I’d like to say that I’m a messenger. Well, not a really good messenger yet, but hey I’m trying! Hard! And no, I’m not illustrating comic, my preference has shifted in a certain way. I send messages to people through my drawing and graphic, yes, like this:

and this

and this

The last one is the current project that I’m working on. Please anticipate and download the game once it’s released. ;)

The upsides of this job are:

  • You work with creative, fun, and crazy people! Good way to stay young.
  • You can work remotely as long as there’s a laptop and an internet connection.
  • You’ll have to use your imagination and it’s totally fun.
  • You’re making pretty stuff 8D
  • You’ll need to fuel yourself with comics, games, movies, music, things that are fun to keep that creative flame burning!

The downsides of this job:

  • You’ll meet clients from hell and sometimes what they want is against your principles as a designer, plus absurd concept of working time. Brace yourself!
  • Tight deadlines and client pressure if you work at a design agency.
  • The fresh graduate salary isn’t that good compared with, say, a law or engineering graduate.
  • You’ll have to face a computer screen aaaall daaay loooooong and it’s unhealthy.

For you out there who want to pursue a career as an illustrator/graphic designer, the thing you need the most is creativity! It’s really good if you can draw really well, but idea is the core. This job requires you to think out of the box and come out with wonderful crazy-ass ideas (that sell *cough*).

How to be creative? Hmmm there are plenty of “how to be creative” tips on the internet but this one is my favorite, I set it as my phone wallpaper.

There’s also the chicken soup for the designer souls, like PikaLand, 99u, and JessicaHische.

Here’s my portfolio website, if you need to hire a freelance graphic designer/illustrator, email me at, or if you’re a youngster who doesn’t know what to do with your future, and you think this job is cool and you need further information, don’t hesitate to poke me on Twitter @eee_makarema, I’m quite responsive heheh.

I think that’s all folks, stay young and don’t let your inner child die. Adios.

What is The Professionals? Read it here.

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Celebrating Spazz & Dazz!

The day finally came! All seven of us finally sat together to celebrate this joke taken too far, and guess what, we even discussed future plans! And the future looks bright, my friends.


Dira’s room was so alive with eight girls in it. Taking turns of showers took forever. But we’re finally ready and stepped into Hummingbird. Irina was already there, so the day got even merrier! \o/

Hummingbird is this lovely restaurant in Jalan Progo, Bandung. It looked quitr fancy, but it’s affordable. The price is considerably cheaper than Jakarta fine restaurants, but the servings are really big, most of the food was ended up being shared. And have I mentioned the place is really cute?





I ordered this thing called Lucifer only because it claimed to have onions jam in it. I love onions. I’m the queen of onions. Turns out it’s a plate of crepe with a sunny egg, beef, and onion jam. It’d make a glorious breakfast.


I also ordered this chocolate cake, the name is too fancy for me to remember. I munched on it immediately and it tasted like heaven. Then I remembered that I hadn’t taken a pic of it.


We ordered so many things, including three giant slices of cake. The nine of us only paid for a total of 700,000 IDR ($63), which was a total bargain of great food and great place of course! We took so many pics at the place, taking advantage of the cute interior, it was embarrassing. But the highlight of the day was of course when we talked about Spazz & Dazz.

We reminisced to the day when Spazz & Dazz came into fruition. It was such a stupid day. We never thought that it would be this big or even taking turns where it’s heading now. None of us regrets of ever making this fanzine happen. If ever, we already have expansion plans in store for Spazz & Dazz! One at a time. We’ll probably do it next year. Let’s start with the cover of the 4th issue which will be released next week. I won’t get bored of saying this, but you really don’t want to miss it. Check out the cover teaser at the back of our 3rd issue!

After Hummingbird, Sasha & I specially requested to be taken to Jalan Riau where it’s full of the cheap shoppig that is Bandung. Even the shops look cute.


This is of course far, far more cheaper than the boutique we visited yesterday. I bought a couple of tees, a shirt, and a blazer, and thought I should be ashamed for shopping too much this month. I still have lots of number on my Ender list to buy, not to mention some of the gadgets I need and more clothes /o\ with that said, I’m planning to make over my whole wardrobe and thus throwing away those clothes I never use anymore. Thinking of throwing a garage sale for it. Would you buy them? Everything will be super cheap, I promise.

Hours later, the day had to end and it was time to go home. None of us wanted to face Monday, but it’s a must if we want to see another weekend. The road back to Jakarta was pretty smooth, I even still had two hours left in my Ender’s Shadow audiobook. I know what will accompany me through all my long commuting now. I’m gonna get more audiobooks. \o/

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Weekend in Bandung

Hi guys! What’s up? I’m in Bandung right now, staying at Dira’s. The whole Spazz & Dazz team is here, because we want to celebrate our achievement in the Lunafly project. We’ve just released our third issue too by the way! Next week we’ll release our 4th cover and you don’t want to miss it cos it’s awesome.

I departed to Bandung yesterday night, suffering a crowded traffic after the rain. No complain though, cos I got myself the audiobook of Ender’s Shadow and it accompanied me through the whole journey. It was my first time listening to an audiobook and it was grrrrreat. I should collect more audiobooks.

We went to karaoke today. Three hours of shameless singing. It was funny cos we have a hate and love relationship with EXO, but we screamed our lungs out for their songs anyway.


It was madness.

We had snack in Soerabi Imoet in Setiabudi, and it was not bad. The serabi was not that special, but it was really cheap. The okonomiyaki was awesome though.


Back at Dira’s, I introduced the girls to Ylvis and I’m not sure it was a good thing. XD

Tomorrow we’ll celebrate Spazz & Dazz’ success up to the 3rd issue as well as XiuFix’ 1st anniversary. We’re going to discuss the future of Spazz & Dazz too and we’ve got some plans already. FYI, I’m also still selling my Chen photobook, please buy it. ^^;;

Talk to you soon!

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Yes people you can have, touch, and feel the Spazz & Dazz magazine in your hands. But only if you come to 365 with Lunafly: One Year Anniversary Party in Kuala Lumpur. This exclusive edition will only be available in this event, you don’t want to miss it out.

Check out this page for details on how to get there!

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Catch Up


If it’s not obvious already, I’m kind of bored. So I put aside my work for a bit and try to find that motivation again. Thankfully, I don’t really fret when it comes to hatching an escape plan. I only need to be active, usually I’ll create new activities to vary my days a bit. It has side effects though, I end up with more stuff than I can handle. But I’m enjoying it. I only need to make a to-do list and I’m good.

I’m disciplining myself in writing now. I must write every day, even though I’m not in the mood. It’s a kind of motivation already. I keep reminding myself that I’m doing this for myself. So having you here is a much appreciated bonus. Thanks, guys! ♥

Work has been kind of slow, so I use my time organizing my hard & soft files (if I’m not browsing the internet). I always find it relaxing and therapeutic. There’s also the Spazz & Dazz’ Lunafly project. October 12 is coming soon! I’m so excited.

I’m also catching up on my readings. Putting down fictions for a while and willing myself to study. I wish I was this engaged in studying back at school. My bosses have been supportive too when I told them I wanted to further my study. Right now I’m considering attending GMAT classes. I’m still not sure how necessary it is for the moment. Probably I’m gonna get some GMAT books and see if I can study it myself. Besides GMAT, I’ll certainly attend classes on capital market and accounting. I think it’ll be very exciting.

I’ve also been into investment, like Reksa Dana and gold. I don’t shop much (my biggest spendings are books and eating out), so I want to do something with my money. Making money from money sounds really good. I researched investment for months. I think I’ve found suitable ones. You should really invest too! It’s easy and not necessarily expensive.

I’m still catching up on Running Man. I missed 40+ episodes. Waiting for my favorite series to start new seasons too. And yes, I need a haircut soon.

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