#PrimatePeril, the Comic That Saves the Orangutans

I have to admit, I don’t know much about orangutans. And they’re native Indonesians! I’d always known that they’re in danger because of trafficking and their home is getting smaller and smaller as we cut and burn more forest. But how many of us know this? This is the exact issue that NaoBun Project is trying to tell us and more.

NaoBun Project, working with TRI Handkerchiefs, has published a comic series entitled Primate Peril in Ciayo Comics. The comic sports Neo, an orphan orangutan surviving in a burning forest. Not only humans, he also has to face future apes who go back in time to chase men away from the jungle. I’m proud to tell you that my friends make this comic. Bonni writes and Nin illustrates, and they’ve done a great job.

Read Nin’s account of their research trip here.

The comic is easy to digest. You can definitely recommend it to your kids, nieces, or nephews. In a simple manner, Bonni has highlighted our environmental issues and how orangutans are supposed to live. The trivia at the end of each chapter is insightful too.

Despite meaning it to be easy, Bonni doesn’t shy away from tackling the complicated stuff like morals. The apes do discuss the best way to punish men who damage their home, and that particular chapter is an interesting one to read. I like the solution they come up with.

I’m personally a collector of Nin’s art and I hope Primate Peril will be printed one day. In Primate Peril’s launching, Nin said it was difficult for her to draw animals, so she had to practice a lot. Now look at what she has made! These fluffy animals (except Kantan, he’s so bara) would make such cute dolls.

A lot needs to be done to save our forest. Early in my career, I was actively working towards it. But it was difficult. It will take a lot of team effort, and I don’t know how long we’ll have to do it. We can contribute our time, money, and energy; or at the very least we can educate ourselves. Thank you, Primate Peril, for giving us a cute starting point.

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