Airport Favorite

I’m so happy now that Periplus stores are all over the airport. More than one terminal too. I always bring more than one reading material whenever I travel, just in case I get bored. Even though it makes my luggage heavier, I just can’t be parted with my books. Now that there’s a decent bookstore, book browsing has become my favorite thing to do as I wait for boarding.


Bought myself a new science magazine ^^

I’m on my way to Medan now for an office gathering. Will be back tomorrow. :D

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In the Papers


New books. It was one hell of a bargain from Periplus. Looking at them just makes me feel happy. Holding them and feeling the papers on my fingertips make me even happier.

Books are my escape. If I’m being truly, truly honest with myself, then books are my passion. I can spend all day reading and marveling at books. I want to have a huge library where I can read and write, where I never have to go out and face the real world.

Books are intimate. It’s personal. It’s speaking without speaking. It’s what I want to be with for the rest of my days. Just me and the characters that feel closer sometimes than real people.

Today has been hard. I’m going to pick up Tina Fey’s “Bossypants”, because I need to laugh right now.

Witch, do this for me:
Find me a moon made of longing.
Then cut it sliver thin, and having cut it, hang it high above my beloved’s house, so that she may look up tonight and see it, and seeing it, sigh for me as I sigh for her, moon or no moon.
-Christopher Carrion from The Second Book of Abarat by Clive Barker

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Should Have Hit The Jackpot

Good morning! Yesterday was a really great Sunday and obviously you could see it from my tweets. I have decided to start collecting everything Ender’s Game, starting with the books. Yes, I’ve read the e-books, but there’s nothing like holding a physical book at the tip of your fingers. And I’ve been meaning to reread the series anyway. I must have the paper experience.

So I ordered the first 4 books through Periplus, my favorite local importing bookstore. They offered the quartet set for 396,000 IDR. A bit pricey, but for 4 imported books, I think they’re not bad. They said the books would arrive in 12-20 working days, so I marked my calendar for Nov 20 and Dec 2.

But no, my friends. I got my surprise of the month when the security told me that my books had arrived yesterday. Oh my god.


I’m collecting Ender’s Game. I can feel it. I can’t wait to reread everything! But I’m gonna wait until I’m done collecting the complete series so I can read them in a linear sequence. I still got 9 novels and many comics of the title to order. Not to mention the upcoming novel that will be released in April next year. Oh my god I’m so happy ;~~~~;

In the evening, I went to Periplus again to get my favorite magazine, Discover: Science for the Curious. Periplus is the only store that sells it. I really recommend Periplus to everyone cos it’s the only store I know that actively encourages people to read. Their collection is relatively cheap, consists of many titles (I mean, many), and ordering imported books are so easy. You can pay with your credit card or bank transfer. And they also have many programs that offer discounts or vouchers if you’re a member. I am, and I have no complaints so far :D

Anyway, I also checked out Kinokuniya, cos no matter how awesome Periplus is, often I find Kinokuniya has more books on their shelves than Periplus. I haven’t tried Kinokinuniya order system though, so I can’t compare.

As I browsed through the store, guess what I found on one of the shelves. Book 5, 6, and 7 of Madeleine L’Engle’s Kairos series. Ask Rudi, I almost screamed in the middle of the store.

You have to understand. A Wrinkle In Time and Ender’s Game are my most favorite, favorite books! They’re both so awesome I can’t even decide which one tops the other. They’re both number one on my list! Getting imported books used to be so hard in Jakarta. I had to ask my friend to buy me Kairos series in the past and even then I only got 5 books out of 8. And yesterday I found the remaining 3! What’s more exciting is, I haven’t read these 3 at all! These books are so rare, I can’t even find the e-books online.


Now it’s complete. Oh my god.

I still have the Chronos series to import so that my collection would be mega complete. I can’t wait to start reading it. ♥

Now I’m waiting for payday so that I can immediately order the next Ender’s Game books. I just found out that Book Depository offers free shipping worldwide and they have the Shadow series omnibus that is cheaper than what Periplus offers. And they claim to ship faster than Periplus! I’m gonna check them out.

If only I found another great book yesterday, I would’ve hit the jackpot.

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