Brief Introduction to My Comic

I decided to write this comic for the simplest of reason. I was trying to find a way to communicate the concept of intellectual property, specifically copyright, in a less intimidating way. People doze off on a lecture, especially a lecture about law. So I thought, let’s make a comic. We are visual creatures after all. Bonni supported the idea, and voila! Now I’m writing my first comic ever!

I don’t want to give away too much yet, because it’s still early in the writing process. Things may change down the road. But the main characters are pretty much fixed.

Arman, the comic artist

Eliana, the lawyer

It’s the early designs of Arman and Eliana. They’ve gone through slight changes now. Our illustrator is the amazing Aruni Irinta. She has never officially debuted anything yet, so this comic will be her first. Her illustrations are amazing. It’s also fascinating to see your script gets turned into drawings. It’s like magic.

A picture of my process. I colour-coded my notes, arranged and rearranged them into a coherent story. It took a lot of energy just to write these Post-Its.

Bonni is our resident project manager. He’s extraordinary. None of this would have any significant progress without his constant reminder and gentle nagging. And he knows what he’s doing! I spent only three meetings with him to finish the above outline. It’s pretty much done, the general plot. I still have to write the treatment for everything, revise, then get into writing each chapter.

Right now I’m distancing myself a bit from the comic as I recharge my writing energy. Other than that, I also have to finish pending tasks so I can write in peace. I’ve been sacrificing some social time as well to focus on this. Turns out they’re not kidding. You really do have to leave other stuff to get some actual writing done.

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