Mr. & Mrs. Remialdy

Aldy and Monda got married last week. The first of Klikonsul to get hitched. I almost couldn’t make it to the wedding due to a sudden business trip. But the trip was cancelled, I was so relieved. Their wedding is one of the weddings I truly enjoyed. I’m so happy for them. I saw how Aldy struggled for months to get the wedding in place. We were there as he ran around looking for halls, photographers, caterings. Monda was even admitted to the hospital because of the stress.

But it paid off. The wedding was so beautiful.

Good luck for your new life, Aldy and Monda!


Klikonsul represents


Our embarrassing flower board


With the happy couple

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Klikonsul.com is launched!

Have you checked it out? Check it out now! Klikonsul.com, go go go!

A little bit about what happened behind the scene can be read in our latest blog post. We’ve even dedicated a page to credit everyone who has helped us in making this website, the photographer, the designers, the make up artists, I’m so excited to make this list longer. Let’s face it, we’re helpless without all of you. They’re all our friends, and we’re very grateful they gave us start-up privilege in terms of rates. xD

This official site is not that different from our (now closed) old WordPress. The concept is still the same, which is blogging about Indonesian entertainment law and business. But with this new site, we added more pages for profiles, contacts, and communities. My aim is to turn this site into a hub for creative workers, where we can exchange ideas and support.

My experience of running fansites has helped a lot now that I’m managing a real business website. I learned more about Search Engine Optimization and after knowing this term for years, today I finally got the hang of it. I still need to work on not only how to get people on the site, but also to get them to participate in the discussions. That’s a real challenge. The only solution is to post interesting stuff, I suppose. Next is networking. The community page is currently empty, because I’m still finalizing it. I just want to make sure that we have the community owners’ permission to put their links there.

I am so excited. We have a bunch of clients now, and they consult interesting cases. At the same time, we’re also trying to keep a regular blog posting. But we’re enjoying every single moment of it. Once again, thank you so much, guys, for the support!

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Sneak Peek: Klikonsul’s Website

Two months in the making and it’s almost ready!

A sneak peek of Klikonsul’s homepage

Soon, we’re leaving our WordPress blog and moving to our official one. Sasha designed, modified, and developed everything. Contents are mostly by me. We tried our best to make it look professional but with more sense of humor compared to other legal consultant websites. We even took the photoshoot seriously, with a stylist, make up artist and all. More stories to come when we launch it!

Preview of one of our pictures. Channelling our inner boyband/girlband.

We’re launching next Monday, 6 October. Please anticipate our website. We’re so proud of it. :)))

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The Fear of Falling Apart

“This is gospel for the fallen ones locked away in a permanent slumber, assembling their philosophies from pieces of broken memories.”

For the past couple of months, I’ve been running. I guess that’s what happens when you fall in love. I’ve expected it, but not quite anticipated it. But that’s what you do, no? You fall in love. Fall apart. Repeat.

I’m hitting the brake now. Stop. Take a deep breath. Walk forward again. Slowly this time.

This distraction has caught me off guard, pushing me off my course. For a moment, I thought I’ve lost my sense of self. On the contrary, I seem to have found myself anew. This is the part of me I’ve been missing. And I was so happy.

But then it always falls down to the same predicament: right person, right timing; choose one. It doesn’t get any easier.

But I have my friends. My good, good friends, who are always up for a laugh. Or a tower of beer if the circumstance is deemed to be fit. Mangan ora mangan sing penting ngumpul. Food or no food we get together. As much as I despise ancient local traditions, I can’t deny the wisdom in it. A broken heart only means another reason to bond even tighter with your best friends.

Barry, my longest best friend, had his birthday two weeks ago. We’re both 25 now. We’re a long way from that day when I was taller than him and his voice was more girly than mine. We’ve been through a lot and there were times when we didn’t have each other’s backs, but we’re past that now. We met, we did right, we did wrong, we learned our mistakes, we go on and support. We dream.

As fate turns out, Barry’s not only a friend, but also a business partner now. It just happens that we have and pursue the same dream. We had another Klikonsul meeting today. There’s another potential client we’re trying to court. And our first client ever, the case is almost done! I poured over the agreement that we have drafted and revised, and I felt so proud. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we have it in us.

Anyway, happy birthday, Barry. I’m glad our paths have crossed and become one huge, busy street. We’ll celebrate our 50th birthdays together too.


"Their gnashing teeth and criminal tongues conspire against the odds, but they haven't seen the best of us yet."

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A Full Plate

I never seem to get it. I busy myself when I’m bored, then I stress myself when I’m overwhelmed. I’ve been taking leaves since last week’s Thursday, making it an 11-day off for me, yet it feels like I have even less time for everything.

The SHINee thing is definitely easier and more manageable than SS4 two years ago, but I still think it adds an unnecessary stress. Recently I ask myself, why did I sign up for this? It seems a bit pointless now. I’m not as interested and invested in this as I used to be. I think it’s time to look for something else. When will I break this habit of getting bored easily, really.

But anyway, Klikonsul has gotten its first client! This project has taken off faster than I expected. I can’t wait to see where we’ll be by the end of the year. And have you read our latest article? Go visit Klikonsul’s blog!

And about the legal aid institution project, I visited our soon-to-be office today. Still empty, but we’ll be operational soon. Very soon, considering we’ll open in June and it’s only two weeks away.


I didn’t know what I’d do here in the beginning. I only said yes because Afeb asked me (I rarely say no to him, really). But now that we’ve had our first program meeting, I can’t help to get excited. I have a grand idea now of where we can bring this institution, and I really like the guys too. We’re all tired of the conspiracies and politics, so we’re determined to actually do something instead of just being rhetorical about it. I don’t know how much it will take to keep this spirit up, but so far so good. We’re launching asap, guys.

Oh, and boys. I’ve almost forgotten how distracting boys could be.

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