The History of Our Musical

A lot of people know that I’m writing a musical. They know because I keep talking about it. I keep talking about it because I’ve been writing it since 2013 and it’s still not done!

It all started when I got cast into a local production of Les Miserables. Small, ensemble role, but I was glad to participate. Les Miserables is an epic production. It was so epic, the producer failed to produce it (money and management problems). But all that energy I had spent, I had to put it somewhere. And I was crazy enough to think there is no reason we can’t make a similarly epic production. So I started one.

Naturally, I got Pandji to board the ship with me. I can never make a musical on my own because I can’t play any instruments. There are four of us: Pandji, Nico, Sangeh, and me. For now, the main brains are still me and Pandji. Nico will help with musical direction, Sangeh will point out everything that doesn’t make sense.

For the last four years, the objective has been a simple one: finish all the fucking songs. Good lord I never expected it would take this long to compose songs for a relatively simple romantic drama. We made everything piece by piece, line by line, verse by verse. It was also a scheduling nightmare, because Pandji and I were busy. We work on wildly different jobs with wildly different timetable.

But we pushed through. I assume the role of project manager and I manage it with an iron fist. Not iron enough apparently, because it took four years. But no matter! Our labor has finally born its fruit. After four fucking years we did it: we made all the fucking songs.

Cannot contain the emotion for finishing everything.

My friends, I’m proud to announce that we have wrapped Draft 2 of the musical. Now we have a solid material to revise. I’ll be in charge of revising the story and characterisation, Pandji will start arranging the numbers. This weekend, we plan to record the whole thing, because we don’t even know if the whole thing is coherent or not. We have never played the whole thing from start to finish!

Fucking Draft 2 done!

When we have the record, we’d love to share the highlights with you. Please grace us with your comments. We hope you’ll like it!

Pandji said he’s gonna ink the musical on his skin permanently when we fly with it. Thanks for the idea, Pandji.

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