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A Song From My Childhood

Day 29 of the music challenge.
It really depends on my current playlist. It changes very easily.

Emotionless by Good Charlotte

I used to fall asleep to this. Every night.

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A Song That I Can Play On An Instrument

Day 26 of the music challenge.
It really depends on my current playlist. It changes very easily.

The Motivation Proclamation by Good Charlotte

I taught myself how to play the guitar in junior high and this was the first, probably the only, song I could play (I still can). The chords are only G, C2, Am, and D. What’s to fret about? (Haha my pun is so funny haha)

The early days of Good Charlotte are gold, before whatever electronic shit they’re into right now. I know all the words to their songs up to The Chronicles of Life and Death. The rest of the albums are drowned under the heavy synth. I miss them a lot ♥ I used to be head over heels for Benji and his Vicious Sid’s pink patch xD I’m still waiting for my turn to watch them live. Their latest album kind of reminds me to their old sound, so there’s still hope.

Captivate me. I want good thoughts inside of my head.

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My Guilty Pleasure

Day 23 of the 30-day book challenge

I’m really sorry, but the answer is fanfiction. xD

Umm, so, yeah, I started a very long time ago with Harry Potter. Waiting for the sixth book took forever, so I turned to Mugglenet for extra stories. I started with The Girl Who Lived by mrsgeorgeweasly. I was hooked, man. I loved this fic so much along with the other very funny HP fanfictions. Recently, I attempted to reread the fic and I couldn’t do it. Too embarrassing. xD

When I got into Good Charlotte, the whole pop punk fandom introduced me to another kind of fanfictions, in which the pairings cover homosexuality and incest. If you read fanfictions, you know what I mean. :p These fanfictions I read tend to be really rated too. Stuff like self harm and explicit, graphic sexual contents were there for people to read without proper warning.

But it was only fanfictions. Nothing to fret about. It’s second class fiction if not the third or fourth. It’s there for you to enjoy discreetly, but nothing to be proud of.

Then I got into SHINee fandom and my world turned upside down.

Yeah, I know, what could sound gayer than a dancing boy group called ‘SHINee’. With double E’s.

I found class in SHINee fandom and it confused me. Fanfictions aren’t supposed to be like this, I thought. But the more I found worthy fanfictions, the more I forgot that I degrade fanfictions, and I grew to enjoy these fanmade stories, even recommended them to people. It’s not supposed to be like this, but I’ve given up. I’ve read fanfictions worthy of novels and I do hope with all my heart that these fics would be rewritten into original pieces one day. They’re really good. No kidding.

Some recommendations from the SHINee fandom:
Down The Drain, in which Taemin annoys Jinki with his endless questions on the nature of love. Even though he’s the leader, he doesn’t have the answers to everything. (Note: The writer was 14 when she wrote this. I feel like KMS.)
You Are Here, because when someone leaves; he leaves a big, gaping hole in his place.
Color Theory, in which Taemin fully acknowledges the fact that he’s gay, but he also knows that the people around him won’t accept it. (Note: very realistic. I cried reading it.)
Onwards (We’re Going To Live Forever), when SHINee meets Stephen King. Gore, blood, and more gore.
Jar of Hearts, in which Kibum doesn’t need his heart anymore, so he wants to take it out.

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The Broken Twins

Title: The Broken Twins
Author: Fallissa Ananda Putri
Genre: Crack
Warning: Cursing
Author’s Note: This is something I wrote back when I was 14 or 15. LOL this is such a fail xD Oh dear good old times… ^^


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