[Festival] 141024-26 Java Sounds Fair, Jakarta

And here we are at Java Sounds Fair, dubbed as the combination of Java Rockin’ Land and Java Soulnation. I won’t miss Soulnation much, but I’ve been missing Rockin’ Land every day. I used to come to JRL every year. I never missed it. :(

As excited as I was for Sounds Fair, the line up was a bit disappointing for me. I saw more of Soulnation than Rockin’ Land in it. Don’t expect any metal or hardcore bands. The loudest band in the festival was Asian Dub Foundation. The rest was dance. Anyway, I’m here to give you the highlights.

I went straight from work to JCC for Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra and they’re as great as I imagined they would be. Even my boss was there for the band. They ska covered a lot of popular soundtracks, so the non-listeners could still relate to the party.

Barry’s band, Suddenly September, played in the lobby. They’re pretty much permanent guest for Java Festival Production. I wasn’t surprised to see them there. (more…)

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Headache & Jiffest

My head’s been in pain ever since I got back from Bandung for the comet hunting, which I’ll blog after I sort out the pictures. I only slept for a couple of hours on the car and went on a couple of meetings the minute I arrived in Jakarta. Finally slept properly around 3 in the afternoon and woke up around 8. By then, my head’s started to pound dully.

Anyway, the next day, I finally downloaded all 25 episodes of Attack on Titan to see what everyone’s been talking about. Have got no full verdict yet cos I’m only into the 15th episode now. But if you follow me on Twitter, you can see that I’ve been really impatient with the anime cos it’s draggy.

In the evening, Rudi and I made a plan to catch the last screening of Jiffest 2013, which was Rurouni Kenshin. I hadn’t watched it cos I don’t read Samurai X. It was only when I arrived in Monas I realized that my head hurt really bad.

Monas was crowded as usual. After all, it was Saturday night. I was excited for the open air cinema experience. I’d only been in one once.

As I got closer to the screening area, turns out they erected a firm structure for the screen and we’re all given chairs to sit on. Not the layar tancep experience of the villages at all. We were given a choice to watch outside or inside. Of course we wanted to sit inside, and to get in, we were expected to donate some fund to save Jiffest, which was good, albeit a bit desperate.

Before we got in, we bought some snack to calm down the monsters in our bellies. Look at what Mbak Lusi had.


Indomie goreng in a plastic bag. I didn’t know you could eat it with this, er, method. I opted to have Popmie to save some dignity from eating mie in a plastic bag.

Anyway, the movie didn’t start right away. The MC blabbered away introducing this and that. She was a bit lame -.- or maybe it was my worsening headache. Oka Antara and Daniel Mananta took the stage for a few minutes to promote their new film, Killers. The trailer looks nice by the way :D The minute Daniel Mananta held the mic, he took over the stage and did a much better job than the real MC LOL outside, I also saw the gorgeous Ario Bayu, but he was deep in conversation with his friends, so I didn’t bother him for a picture.


Then the movie finally started and it was one of the best manga-adapted live actions I’ve ever watched. It looks more like a historical picture rather than a live action of a manga. Still no interest to get into Samurai X, but Rurouni Kenshin was okay. I didn’t pay much attention the movie cos my head was in pain and the chair was really uncomfortable. They put the chairs too close to the screen, so we had to look up really high, my head hurt. Not to mention Mbak Lusi kept pinching and hitting me everytime something happened on the screen -.-

When the film was done, we headed home right away and I finally took a Panadol. The pounding numbed a bit. Ugh should have taken it earlier.

It’s Monday now and my head’s still aching a bit, but it’s getting better.

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Bridesmaids Meeting & Ash’s Gig

I guess I’m at that age where I get so many wedding invitations, it feels like a matrimony harvest sometimes. Among those invitations, I’m so honored to be given a chance to be the bridesmaid of some closest friends. I realize how big of a privilege that is, so I’m really touched. The first time was for Zevana’s wedding back in May. She’s 5 months pregnant now ^^ This time, I get to be Okie’s bridesmaid.

Last weekend us girls gathered at Okie’s house to discuss a few stuff. There are so many things to adjust, because Okie’s wedding is so near from now. In fact, it’s less than a month haha! No, she’s not pregnant. She just really, really wants to get married. xD

Okie gave us the fabric to our bridesmaid kebaya dresses, it’s pink and grey. We also talked about what stuff the groom needs to get for the seserahan at the reception next year. In Indonesian weddings, the groom and the bride exchange gifts. These gifts can be anything that you will use in your marriage. So normally, the gifts will consist of toiletries, make up, clothes, home appliances, etc. As always, the girls get to have more of this stuff haha in fact, usually, the girls will just choose the gifts herself. And that’s what we did at Okie’s. xD


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Jiffest, Jakarta Biennale, and Upstairs

I thought Jiffest was dead. Apparently, they’ve revived it this year under the tagline ‘New Chapter’. Check out the schedule below.


I was late though cos of the garage sale. That Sunday noon, I immediately texted Rudi.

“Jiffest! Let’s go!”

“Ok! After I’m done swimming.”

I know I could always count on Rudi.

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[FESTIVAL] Guinness’ Arthur’s Day 2013

I don’t know what OneRepublic means to me. They’re kinda cheesy, so… guilty pleasure? But my favorite songs of theirs can be quite profound, so… they’re not that bad? But either way, I really like OneRepublic, and I didn’t get the chance to see them when they first came here. I finally saw them in Arthur’s Day 2013. This was my second time in Arthur’s Day. The first time was when they brought Lifehouse and Rivermaya. It wasn’t a great festival, but the free beer made up for everything. This year is no exception.

With every ticket, you’re entitled to a draft of free Guinness, which is great cos it’s one of my favorites. I actually also had a voucher for another free beer but I didn’t use it to avoid a full bladder. The restroom was okay, but the queue was not. This year Arthur’s Day was definitely attended by more people than it had during Lifehouse.

The first performer was Club 8. We sat at the back, preserving our energy for the top performers. Club 8 was really boring by the way. When it was time for OneRepublic, we got up and opened our beer.

OneRepublic was amazing. Ryan’s voice gave me the shivers, he was so awesome. They also gave us the lyrics to their songs through the side monitors so that we could sing along with them. Hnnnngh I had all kinds of feelings upon finally seeing them live, because I really like them. Probably not a fan much of the band, but their songs are totally awesome. It was really bad they didn’t sing all of my favorites at all. Really bad. But it was nice when Ryan broke into Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River” during “Apologize”. The stage looked even more awesome when they dragged this piano and all of a sudden it lit up. The color was red.

“I loved you with a fire red, now it’s turning blue.”

And the piano changed its color to blue. Damn it was almost trippy.

Then during “Good Life”, Sasha and I did a double take when they broke into a sampler of M83’s “Midnight City”. Hnnnngh they were amazing.

The most-awaited performance was Mew I guess. I was bored watching them in Java Rockin’ Land many years ago, cos they were no different than the CD. Not to mention they were quiet too. They really didn’t talk much. Or at all.

This time I wasn’t surprised when the stage just finally came to live as Mew played their first song. They were all in black of course.

I only listened to their first album, so the only setlist I recognized was “Snow Brigade”. Not only they bored me, I also grew more and more tired, so I sat down LOL Mew was more comfortable on stage compared to the last time I saw them. This time they actually talked, which is nice. They ended the song with “Am I Wry?”, and we finally could go home.

Outside at the exit gate, we were surprised by the bottles and bottles of mineral water Guinness gave us for free. Turns out they had a partnership with Nestle for this water. It was the first time I saw something like it, and I think it’s great. They don’t just tell you to drink responsibly, they actually care.

Guinness is awesome. Gonna stock the fridge with it.

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