(Not) Kitchen Material

It’s officially diet day 3. The apartment is a diet zone now. But I failed in waking up early, so I concocted something quick for breakfast. I had a mock yogurt parfait this morning. Why ‘mock’? Because it’s actually just pieces of apple, banana, and plain yogurt all mixed together in a cup. I was supposed to add a tinny bit of caramel in it, but alas, this was how my caramel became when I attempted to make it last night.



But my mock parfait tasted good, even though I admit the sweetness was a little bit of an overkill. Let’s add some nuts next time. The good thing is, it got me through until lunch.

I had the same thing I usually have for lunch: rice, spinach, fish, and perkedel jagung (it’s corn + flour and you fry everything), but I only had half of my usual serving. In the afternoon, I drank a lot of water to minimize hunger, but there was snack in the pantry. So I cheated and had a piece of traditional pancake. It was really good. ;A;

I had a half apple when I got home. It was a big Chinese Fuji apple, the remain of my morning parfait tbh ._. And I stopped eating when the clock hit 7.

Truthfully, I did get a little bit hungry, but nothing water couldn’t manage. Before I started this diet, I usually only had lunch and dinner. This time, I basically just turn it around: breakfast, lunch, and nothing heavy for supper. I used to snack a lot and that gotta stop. I’m willing my stomach to shrink now. Exercises are still on too. I’ve finally felt something in my stomach area. I should start doing cardio again, but one thing at a time.

Anyway, I tried to boil an egg earlier, and I’m gonna admit I’d never done it FML. I spent so long staring at the egg being boiled in the smoking pot, not the slightest idea if the content had hardened or not. Then I remembered Sasha liked to boil her eggs in the microwave. I attempted to do the same.

One minute in the nuke. Shook the egg, something rattled, put it back in the nuke. One more minute. Cracked the egg a bit. Oh crap, it’s only half-cooked. Put it back in the nuke for one more minute, oblivious that there’s a tiny hole in the egg. Stared at the nuke.

And the egg exploded.


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Diet Day 2

Woke up before 9 (almost) yay! Attempted to make another healthy breakfast in the morning OyO I call this the Tomatonion Yogurt Sandwich lol


2 eggs, 3 cherry tomatoes, 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt, onions (or pepper if you like), lettuces (or spinach if you like), and bread (preferrably rye)!

Mix the eggs, yogurt, tomatoes, and onions, stir well.

Cook everything and toast the bread while you’re at it. Put some lettuces on the bread.

When the omelette is cooked, put it on top of the lettuces and you’re ready!

It’s a bit messy LOL flipping the egg was really hard /o\ but this is definitely tastier than yesterday’s feta cheese and broccoli omelette. The original ingredient uses salt, curry, and a lot of pepper, I replaced them cos I don’t really like them. I think this will be my favorite breakfast for now.

But what’s a diet on Aidil Adha? Despite the exercises I did in the morning, I went to mom’s and she insisted I have lunch lol I finally had my first rice since yesterday. The serving was only 1/3 of I usually had. That’s how much I consume rice. Then we went to Union in the afternoon and had more meal /o\ after the movie, we had more meal LOL but I reduced the servings to half of what I’d usually serve myself. I think it’s going good so far. I haven’t had any unmanagable hunger at all. I don’t know about tomorrow now that work’s started again.

I hope I’ll wake up tomorrow morning to prepare breakfast though /o\

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Productive Monday

I took a day off today. So many things I need to reset straight, including my thoughts and my life. Last weekend was enough to rest, came Monday morning, let’s get better.

I woke up quite late. I read a few chapters of Ranah 3 Warna and proceeded to write a work in progress. 500 words. Then I made brunch and cleaned all the dishes. 500 more words after that. I took some time to have a little exercise: sit ups, crunches, leg raises, and planks. Must. Get. Fit. If you could say cleaning the apartment as exercise, then yes, I moved a lot today.

One thing I really gotta do today was change my diet entirely. I need to eat out less. Eat fried food as little as possible. At the same time, learn how to cook damn it. So I had some shopping today.


The fridge is now full of vegetables and fruits. It’s a start, and I’m so proud of myself hahaha then I made my own healthy supper! Broccoli and feta cheese omelette! The recipe is very simple.


2 eggs, 2 slices of bread (preferrably rye), 2 tablespoons of feta cheese, a cup of broccoli.


Mix the feta cheese and the eggs while you cook the broccoli on a frying pan for 2-3 minutes.


Cook everything yo. And while you’re at it, toast the bread. The end result:


A healthy, totally oil free food! I had it for supper and it wasn’t bad. I think it’s more suitable for brunch though. It’s enough to stuff you, trust me. However, it tasted a bit bland. Maybe you can improvise by adding spices of your choice to get some flavor. Other than that, feta cheese is also a bit pricey :/ I’m gonna have to find a substitute ingredient for it.

At the end of the day, I got 2,000 words, cleaned the apartment, learned a new recipe, read a good book, and watched entertaining TV. I’d say that’s a day well spent. I still have to scrub the bathroom, but I’ll do that tomorrow (it’s my least favorite domestic activity). I’m gonna change my unhealthy habits little by little. Let’s do this!

Btw guys, I’d like to share you this awesome Chinese restaurant Dewika took me to yesterday. It’s called Hay Thien and you can find it behind Suntec City at Mangga Besar. If you come from the direction of Monas, turn right at the intersection before Suntec City, then turn left. Just go straight until you find the restaurant on your right.

I reeeeally recommend this place because it’s cheap and the menu is complete. Chicken, beef, pork, seafood, you’ll find them there. And you can ask your food to be steamed or grilled, hot plates are available too! And they taste really good, I had tears in my eyes. Dewika and I spent 165,000 IDR ($13) for 9 menu. I’ll definitely be back, though I don’t know how I’ll do now that I try to avoid excessive oil on food hahaha

It’s been a really nice Monday for me. I hope yours is great too. I’m gonna sleep now, before it’s midnight. Happy aidil adha guys!

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