What I Do in the Middle of DnD

When I joined my current DnD group, I didn’t expect it to take a lot of planning. There are 6 of us, and that alone is already a scheduling nightmare. So far we’ve managed to play once a month, and that’s considered great. We spend one whole day to finish a campaign, then we’ll continue it next month, as the DM cooks up a new one. Last time, we’re in the third part of Ruli‘s series of campaign. I have no idea how huge his campaign is gonna be. We’re not even close to the big boss yet.

Building a tower of DnD dice is no easy feat!

I also didn’t expect that DnD would consist of a lot of waiting. Granted, there are 5 of us players and only 1 DM. Sometimes Theo helps co-DM-ing, while playing at the same time. It might take a while until it’s your turn. And that’s a lot of turns. So my grabby hands start to build stuff.

The Lone Roman Centurion guarding the Pandora box for 2,000 years.

Will has a nice collection of Legos. He has everything. Theo and Yogi have a bunch of colourful dice, most of them unused in the game. And my dice are beautiful, because they glow in the dark. My make shift dioramas make wonderful action stills.

12th and Me at the end of the world.

Yes. Doctor Who is great.

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