Grooming for the Lazy

Somewhere along the road, I’ve come to realize that girls dress up not to impress the boys, but to impress other girls. I’ve always been a tomboy and I’ve had a lot of guy friends too, whom I hang out with a lot. I remember mom gave up trying to put me in a skirt. The only skirt I wore was the school uniform. There was also one time mom grounded me until I learned to tie my own ponytail. I spent days to get it right. Sometimes I doll up before meeting my guy friends, and they’ll have no idea anyway the effort I take to make myself this presentable, so why bother? Here’s a brief history of my vanity.

My grandma loved to see me pretty, so she made me grow my hair until it reached my waist, even though I didn’t like it. For a 6-year-old who couldn’t even bother with afternoon showers, that long hair was a chore. My aunt was the only one who dared to cut my hair. She gave the long piece of hair to grandma for keepsakes. I stayed with a short, pixie cut until junior high. Then I had my heart broken for the first time.

My shallow brain thought that if I became pretty, he’d regret what he did and maybe come back to me. So I grew my hair. And he did not come back to me hahahaha I eventually had another boyfriend, and when he broke my heart too, I powered up my vanity a notch. I made friends with makeups. My first makeups were a palette of eyeshadows, a blush-on, and a face powder. Mom handed me down her unused lipstick and lip gloss when she saw I was still using lip tints. At this point, I was still very much a tomboy, but with long hair. The makeups ended up untouched.

Then I had another broken heart and the girl in me had a revolution: I started to wear skirts and heels. Not much, but I became familiar with the two things that symbolized femininity. That was life changing. I started to know that you could do more in a hair salon other than just cutting your hair. I took regular facials, I had hair creambath, and the most important thing: waxing. By then, I even tried a doctor’s prescription for my face to fix my dry zits problem. But I was still not a believer of beauty products. Not only because they’re expensive, I didn’t have time for them either.

I’m back to short hair now and I’ve learned to love dresses more and more. In fact, I want to fill my wardrobe with a whole bunch of flowery dresses. I’ve been mingling with the right girls and now I’m so attached to my makeup kit. Can you believe that I’ve been collecting lipsticks? And now I’m collecting brushes too.

However, putting a dress and make up on is easy. They can take as quick as ten minutes and you’re ready to go. It’s the regular treatment that is difficult to keep up with. Because being beautiful goes beyond what you wear and what colors you put on your face. And I’m still a tomboy at heart. I’m lazy. Often I look at high-maintenance girls and wonder when the hell they have the time to groom themselves. I keep my hair short because I don’t want to spend a long time to wash and blow my hair, you know. But like all girls, I want to look pretty and the only way to get that pretty look is by putting some effort. I have the time and money now for this. Let me share you my grooming routine for the lazy.


Since I sport a pixie cut, I have to trim my hair every month. Thankfully, it usually doesn’t take long, less than an hour. But I’ve dyed my hair too now, so I have to give it an extra care. I no longer do regular hair creambath. I just got myself a bottle of hair mask and will start using it once a week. We’ll see the result. I still don’t know when to touch up my roots. Probably every three months. And since I have a dry hair, I only wash it every two days. And when it’s dry, I put leave on conditioner on it to tame it for the whole day.


I wash my face and brush my teeth every day. It’s a must. No exception. Then I put on some facial lotion and cream every night. I wanna start having proper facial again now, so maybe once a month. I mostly use makeup every day, so I make sure to cleanse it every night with proper makeup removal before washing it again with the face wash. The lip balm is also always in my purse, because I have chapped, dry lips, so using it is a must.


I just got into body scrubs now and I tried it yesterday. Omg I’m in love with the immediate result I felt on my skin, I think I’m gonna replace my shower gel with it. It’s amazing. I wanna have proper body scrubs too once a month, making sure my skin look healthy *__* I always put body lotion every day, because I have a really dry skin. And of course, my favorite, my eau de cologne. I think a girl is at her prettiest when she smells good, so my cologne and I are pretty inseparable. After that, the most important thing: waxing. People’s opinions differ on body hair, but I’d like to keep mine clean. I’m generally hairless, so my waxing routine only involves the underarms, half legs, and bikini. I want to try zap/laser, but it’s so expensive. :/ Anyway, some tips about bikini waxing. I know many girls are afraid to do it, and I admit that waxing hurts a bit at the beginning. But you’ll get used to it, besides waxing is quicker, cleaner, and lasts longer than shaving. You don’t have to wax it bald down there, just make sure it’s clean, cos it will make things much easier during periods.

And that’s pretty much everything about my grooming. Totally low maintenance hahaha and all the products I use can be easily bought in the drug stores and they’re affordable. When I was a teenager, doing this would feel like a burden, but now I like it. I need to do it, cos I like it when I feel fresh and smell good. I conclude that no pricey treatments is necessary as long as you shower properly and feed your body with healthy stuff.

Above all this, I believe that the ultimate beauty treatment is simple:

  • good sleep. Make sure you have a quality sleep for at least 6 hours each night;
  • regular exercise. I know a lot of girls exercise to lose weight, but please remember that it’s also good for your heart, endurance, mood, and hormones. It’s not just about the ideal look, but also the ideal health; and last but not least
  • food management. I’m not really fond of the word ‘diet’, due to its’ negative connotation recently. By managing your food, not only you can maintain an ideal weight, but also actually putting good stuff in your body.

It’s all about the goal and how bad you want to get there. As my mom always says, there’s no ugly girls, only lazy ones. Sometimes I wish I’ve listened to her from the very beginning.

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Diet Progress

I’ve past the fourth week of my diet and so far, I’ve lost 1 kilo xD No sweat, cos losing weight has never been my priority. Actually, I was one of those people who didn’t give a second thought on diets, because I knew it took a lot of effort and results would only happen after months, so I never bothered. Turns out I was wrong and right at the same time.

I only lost my 1 kilo after changing my diet for 2.5 weeks. I’ve been so behind on my abs exercise, so let’s just assume that I did no exercise at all for the past 4 weeks haha it was quite hard for me, adjusting to the new diet. Especially the no snack policy. First, managing the hunger was difficult, because I’d get hungry all the time. But I stuck to the diet plan: breakfast, lunch, fruit dinner, no snack at all in between. Not only that, I also moderated the servings of my food, reducing my white rice intake slowly until I got used to eating less of it.

It’s also important to remember that other than a healthy diet and exercise, a good sleeping pattern matters too. So I tried my best to stop my late night sleeping habit. As soon as the clock strikes midnight, then it’s my cue to sleep. So this is what I’ve been doing for the past 4 weeks.

Guess what? The result is not that physically obvious yet, but during these 4 weeks, I’ve totally felt it. The size of my belly has shrunken, not a lot, but definitely smaller. It feels different now whenever I wear pants and skirts that used to be so tight around the waist. I still have a long way to go, but now I know I’m getting there. A good sleeping pattern has brighten up my mood too. I rarely get lethargic during the day and I concentrate better. No more crankiness! And today when I had lunch, they gave me the usual serving of one bowl of rice, I only ate half, and oh boy I feel bloated now. I think my elastic stomach has finally tighten again.

But this is only the beginning! I have no intention to stop now. I still have many things to work on my exercise. If you come to my garage sale tomorrow, you’ll know how small I used to be hahaha

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New Recipe!

Here’s a healthy snack for you: chocoroll oats!


4 tablespoons of milk, 1/2 cup of choco chips, and 3/4 cup of rolled oats. You can add 2 tablespoons of peanut butter too if you like!

Melt the choco chips and milk with low heat. It melts quickly, so make sure it doesn’t burn. When it’s melted, stir in all the oats, then turn off the fire. Stir and mix everything well. Then use spoons or an ice cream scoop to form balls of the mixture. Put them in the fridge.

Ten minutes later:


A healthy snack for those odd hours of hunger. Chocolate is not that bad, man. ;)

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The Goal

Just to be clear, the goal of my diet is fat loss instead of weight loss. I’m already thin enough, I’m aware of that. But I have a belly beer and no, it’s not because of beer, that’s why it got me worried. In addition, my family has a persistent history of diabetes, so I need to take some early measures. So yes, I still eat. I’m against starving myself. So it’s only about changing what I put in my mouth, replacing all those MSGs I love with something grown out of the ground. I feel good so far, so no worries.

I was planning to do all this many months ago, but only when Kisya pulled me into Fat Is Dead I’ve become motivated enough to do this /o\ You should see what the girls have done in FID, especially Mariel. The workout she’s done is awesome. My workout routine right now is nowhere near hers. I still care more about my food lol NOTHING CAN TAKE ME AWAY FROM MY FOOD.

This is what I had for breakfast:


It’s a mixture of rice, beans, carrots, onions, lettuce, and eggs. Yup, it’s the egg I attempted to boil in the microwave yesterday. Put the mixture in the fridge for the night. You’ll get yourself a salad in the morning. Add spices of your choice to make the taste merrier!

When I arrived at the office, I found chocolate candies on my desk, courtesy of the CEO. So much for my diet /o\

I’ve been quite productive today at work. I like it when I’m busy cos it keeps me distracted from stressful things. I’ve been trying my best to be really patient this week. I even had a chat with the COO and he was so good at pep talk, he made me having second thoughts about what I’ve been intending to do. God knows I really need some professional motivation right now.

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(Not) Kitchen Material

It’s officially diet day 3. The apartment is a diet zone now. But I failed in waking up early, so I concocted something quick for breakfast. I had a mock yogurt parfait this morning. Why ‘mock’? Because it’s actually just pieces of apple, banana, and plain yogurt all mixed together in a cup. I was supposed to add a tinny bit of caramel in it, but alas, this was how my caramel became when I attempted to make it last night.



But my mock parfait tasted good, even though I admit the sweetness was a little bit of an overkill. Let’s add some nuts next time. The good thing is, it got me through until lunch.

I had the same thing I usually have for lunch: rice, spinach, fish, and perkedel jagung (it’s corn + flour and you fry everything), but I only had half of my usual serving. In the afternoon, I drank a lot of water to minimize hunger, but there was snack in the pantry. So I cheated and had a piece of traditional pancake. It was really good. ;A;

I had a half apple when I got home. It was a big Chinese Fuji apple, the remain of my morning parfait tbh ._. And I stopped eating when the clock hit 7.

Truthfully, I did get a little bit hungry, but nothing water couldn’t manage. Before I started this diet, I usually only had lunch and dinner. This time, I basically just turn it around: breakfast, lunch, and nothing heavy for supper. I used to snack a lot and that gotta stop. I’m willing my stomach to shrink now. Exercises are still on too. I’ve finally felt something in my stomach area. I should start doing cardio again, but one thing at a time.

Anyway, I tried to boil an egg earlier, and I’m gonna admit I’d never done it FML. I spent so long staring at the egg being boiled in the smoking pot, not the slightest idea if the content had hardened or not. Then I remembered Sasha liked to boil her eggs in the microwave. I attempted to do the same.

One minute in the nuke. Shook the egg, something rattled, put it back in the nuke. One more minute. Cracked the egg a bit. Oh crap, it’s only half-cooked. Put it back in the nuke for one more minute, oblivious that there’s a tiny hole in the egg. Stared at the nuke.

And the egg exploded.


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