City of Bones

Shadowhunters S01E03 “Dead Man’s Party”

Ok, so this is the episode where Simon is kept in Hotel Du Mort and the Shadowhunters gang is trying to rescue him.


Well, well, well, look who we got here. Camille! She looks petite, light footed, and very young. Considering she’s supposed to be hundreds of years old, it annoyed me that I can’t see the centuries of wisdom in her eyes. And what is she doing kidnapping Simon? Ok, I get it. The series is trying to establish her enmity with the Shadowhunters early on. But what irritated me the most is her magical power. Yup, she can flick her fingers and time stops. How convenient for vampires.

Anyway, they also introduce another new character here, Meliorn the fairy. I thought he would look more elf-like, LOTR-style. But this realistically human-ish one is all right. I like it. And there’s one scene of Izzie and Meliorn getting it on and I had to push the pause button because Toubia is too hot, I can’t control myself seeing her in red lingerie. Nooooooo.

Clary is as dainty as ever, but her chemistry works well with Jace. The show has done a pretty good job so far in establishing the characters’ motivation. Alec keeps asking Jace why the latter cares so much about Clary, and Jace keeps saying that he can relate to Clary. Cliche, and very straightforward, but at least it leaves out the mystery of why the two are together in the future. As rushed as everything seems, unfortunately, still no Malec yet, but maybe in the next episode.

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Shadowhunters S01E02 “The Descent Into Hell isn’t Easy”

Well, this show is moving faster than I thought. Spoiler everything here. It’s only episode 2 but we already know that Clary is Valentine’s daughter. Even Simon is in Raphael’s clutches already. I just have a little doubt over what they’re going to show us for the rest of the season when we already reached this point by the second episode.

On the other hand, I like how the show explains itself. Clary seems to be so unfazed by this new, confusing shadowhunting world, and Simon asks her about it. Clary explains that she doesn’t have time to be surprised when her mother’s life is on the line and this is the only way she can save her. Izzie has also slipped into her skin more comfortably. We’ve started seeing the budding friendship among her, Simon, and Clary already. Alec is still as distant as ever. I thought he would meet Magnus already, but nope, not yet.

And, oh, Clary is so dainty! She looks hot in that leather attire, but I can’t see how she’s going to be a Shadowhunter. At least her character is consistent. She’s clueless on fighting, but she’s fighting nonetheless. Where her heart stands is pretty much established by now.

Have I mentioned that they licensed Basecamp’s “Emmanuel” for the soundtrack? They only use the song’s intro but it excited me to hear it. The show’s cred shot a lot of points for me just for having Basecamp there.

I haven’t checked out the general review of the show, but I hope it’s good. I hope this show would have many seasons, because I know it’ll be good once they explore all the characters and give them more focus on future episodes. They all have interesting backstory after all.

Can’t wait for the next episode! I want Alec to meet Magnus soon!

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Shadowhunters S01E01 “The Mortal Cup”


I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS SERIES. I just have to let it out of my system.

I’ve talked about the books here. It’s a very brief review. You’d better read it first so you could understand why I’m so excited about the tv series.

In The Mortal Instruments’ universe, demons live among humans. There are special kind of humans called Shadowhunters that protect humans from these demons. Oh you think that sounds a lot like Joko Anwar’s HBO series “Halfworlds”? All I can say is the demon vs human kind of thing is an age old story and The Mortal Instruments was released first.

The first book, City of Bones, was adapted into a movie in 2013. Despite having Jamie Campbell Bower in it, the movie sucked (except Godfrey Gao, you’re the best everywhere, honey). It was disappointing, because I was looking forward to it. Can you imagine how glad I am that they haven’t given up on the material? They’re making a TV series instead with Harry Shum, Jr. in it! HNNNNNNNNGH DREAM COME TRUE.

The series just premiered and the first episode made me feel like Buffy the Vampire Slayer all over again! That is not a bad thing! That is a great thing because we need awesome teen flick on a weekly basis today. One you can relate to, unite under, and be creative over. This series has everything a teen flick should be: cool cast, cool characters, cool plot, cool action, cool fights, cool worldbuilding, and the list goes on and on. I’m happy it doesn’t take the direction the movie did. Not much anyway.

(Mild spoilers alert, to those who are not into The Mortal Instruments anyway.)

The Mortal Cup wasted no time. They got right into action. In the first episode, they already explained that there’s a secret background to Clary Fray. They even showed us Valentine already. I wonder how they’re going to play out the incest thing when we get there. In the books, we get inside the characters’ heads. On screen, I assume it’d be different.

As for the casts, everyone looks great in their characters. They’re all just as I imagined they would be. It’s a plus that Matthew Daddario is HOT HE’S SO HOT MY HEART IS SINGING and I really can’t wait until we get to Malec BEAUSE OTP YES MATT AND HARRY TOGETHER ARE BEAUTIFUL. I was a bit doubtful with Dom Sherwood as Jace, but he has that sassy streak in him, though it doesn’t show physically. I guess he’s alright and will progress with more episodes. He needs more lines. Emeraude Toubia though, hottest girl in the world or what? Exactly how I imagine Izzie would be. The lines are sassy enough, but I think Toubia needs to have more energy. Alberto Rosende is also perfect for Simon. There’s a puppy-like quality to him that makes you adore him.

I hope this show becomes a hit so we can have season after season of this. Seriously, make it popular so they can get more budget and give us better special effects. There are 6 books to this series, you can make seasons out of it!

Guys, if you miss Buffy, you might want to watch this. It’s on Netflix! :D

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