Hak Cipta Dijelaskan dalam 5 Menit

Sudah lama saya ingin melakukan ini. Saya lihat masih banyak pencipta (dan penikmat karya mereka) yang bingung akan konsep Hak Cipta. Kebanyakan ahli hukum, sayangnya, tidak mampu menjelaskan apa itu Hak Cipta dengan cara yang lebih mengena bagi pekerja kreatif. Perkenankan saya untuk mencoba.

Dalam Undang-undang Hak Cipta Indonesia, Hak Cipta adalah suatu hak eksklusif yang timbul secara otomatis bagi pencipta, setelah ciptaannya diwujudkan dalam bentuk yang nyata. Artinya, haknya tidak perlu didaftarkan di mana-mana; ia muncul begitu karyanya sudah dituangkan dalam bentuk nyata. Maka, ide tidak dapat dikenakan hak cipta. Hati-hati berbagi ide!

Sebuah Hak Cipta terdiri dari dua macam hak: hak moral dan hak ekonomi. Hubungan di antara hak-hak tersebut sebagai berikut:

Anatomi Hak Cipta berdasarkan UU Hak Cipta Indonesia

Hak moral berhubungan dengan pengakuan bahwa si pencipta adalah orang yang telah menciptakan karya yang dimaksud, atau lebih umum dikenal dengan istilah credit. Dengan hak moral, pencipta bisa menentukan ingin mencantumkan namanya atau tidak, bahkan menggunakan pseudonym. Hak moral melekat ke pribadi si pencipta selamanya. Jika orang lain melanggar hak moral dengan mengaku bahwa ia adalah pencipta yang sebenarnya, itu adalah plagiarisme.

Sementara hak ekonomi adalah hak bagi pencipta untuk mengeksploitasi karyanya secara ekonomis. Hak ini bisa dia jalankan sendiri, atau dijalankan oleh orang lain dalam bentuk lisensi. Dari lisensi, pemegang hak cipta akan mendapatkan sebagian dari pendapatan karya yang dilisensikan dalam bentuk royalti. Jika ada yang mengambil keuntungan ekonomi dari karya cipta tanpa lisensi resmi dari pemegang hak cipta, itu adalah pembajakan.

Hak Cipta sendiri sifatnya adalah barang yang tidak berwujud. Layaknya barang pada umumnya, Hak Cipta juga dapat diperjualbelikan.

Sesungguhnya itu saja konsep dasar dari Hak Cipta dan pemanfaatannya. Kira-kira sudah terbayang belum, Hak Cipta siapa dan apa saja yang selama ini sudah pernah kita langgar? Fangirls/fanboys, I’m looking at you. :))

Silakan tinggalkan komentar jika ada masukan selanjutnya aspek mana dari Hak Cipta yang menurutmu perlu dibahas. :D

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Let’s Sleep Together

I mean it quite literally. I sleep in my bed, you sleep in yours, in our respective bedrooms.

I finished Ariana Huffington’s The Sleep Revolution last weekend. It felt like an extended pop article/essay about sleeping. Witty writing, brimmed with catchy facts based on recent studies. Hey, more argument to be made to your boss! The general consensus is clear: sleep is important.

Everything you read in The Sleep Revolution is probably all the things you’ve read or heard before. The dangers of sleep deprivation and fatal accidents it caused; the health benefits; the sleeping industry; tips, hacks, and how-to’s of a better sleep; and a bunch of sales pitch of sleeping products. I admit it’s handy to have all the information in one book. But there is one discussion missing in it.

Different Circadian Rhythms

In my personal observation, those around me are not aware of how circadian rhythm works. We commonly hear it as biological clock. Our biological clocks are different. Some are early risers, others are night owls. It could be formed by habit, but most likely it’s biological. Our bodies regulate itself at different times of the day. On normal days, I will never be able to sleep before 11pm; while my friend, Cici, shuts down at 9-ish.

The issue is, we need 7-8 hours of sleep every night. If I sleep at 1 and wake up 8 hours later, that will be 9am. Work starts exactly at 9. I need an hour to really wake up and get up; half an hour to dress and have breakfast; and half an hour to commute to work. By now, I’m already 2 hours late to work.

Most companies here still adhere to traditional business hours. They won’t compromise with your circadian rhythm. So you have to make the adjustment. If you don’t, they’ll deduct your salary think you’re lazy. That means, in order to be in the office by 9 in the morning, I have to sleep before 11pm, and this is a difficult habit to start. This is just not working.

A glimpse of my sleep tracker. It’s shit. And what’s the point of putting the number 10 there? 😩

There are more and more studies about our internal clock, which confirm that, yes, some of us sleep and wake up late. But they say it’s possible to reset that clock by altering your light exposure. I’m going to try sleeping with my curtain half open, so the sunlight will wake me up. I can already imagine my morning struggles.

Nevertheless, I still believe the adage needs to change: get enough sleep at the right time.

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Clean Slate

Hello, old friends,

How are you? Have you been virtually following me since 2005? If you have, please contact me so I can treat you some lunch. Then you must have also seen the many times I purged this place, erasing more and more posts as I reconsidered my life priorities. It’s one of those times.

I’ve been doing well. You might be familiar with how I like to keep myself busy. I’m changing that now. I want to relax more. This Sunday my agenda is practically empty, so I must be doing something right.

Sunday morning in bed. What is shower?

These days I’m busying myself with work, Klikonsul, and writing. I’ve purged this space because I’d like to talk more about these stuff rather than my personal bullshit. I’ll dump the latter to a select few, thank you. I want to focus on making money and writing. If it’s not either of them, sorry, I will probably refuse it. 😆

So, what do I do now? I work in a data analytics consultancy company and still part-time as an entertainment lawyer. I’m also writing a musical, a comic, and a short movie. I plan to post and update you my writing progress so you can hold me accountable, nag and remind me to finish it. Another practical reason is: as a pre-emptive measure, in case some asshole plagiarises it. You see it here first.

I’ve been working with wonderful people who inspire me. I’ve gained a lot of valuable insights from my projects with them. I’d like to share them with you as well. Here’s to my posting more often! 🍻

I’m going to watch an episode of Elementary now then write. I’m serious about the lunch. Contact me.

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