Some Tips For Your Klikonsul Application

Please kindly pay attention to every single word.

My budding entertainment law consulting group is looking for a junior associate and I will personally review all of the incoming applications. I thought I’d give you an advantage by sharing some tips. ;)

1. Good use of language

It’s not hard to determine what kind of person you are from your writing. It shows. Your mastery of your language gives one a good idea of your level of communication skill. Do not take grammar and punctuation lightly. I can see how much you pay attention to details by simply reading your email and CV.

2. Proper application

If I receive an application with no cover note/letter/greeting, I’ll delete your email immediately. I’m not going to even bother read your CV. Manners maketh men.

3. Do your research

Show me that you can read: our recruitment post; our website; our relevant fields of law, business, and industry; our interest; and our history. Show me how you’re interested in them and how you think you can work with us, factoring the things you find in your research.

I hope you’ve noticed by now that Klikonsul don’t require you to meet a certain minimum GPA or be excellent in academics. That’s because we believe that law is something you can always learn, and we can help you with your learning. But manners, interest, and determination are something that only you can generate. The least we can do is motivate and remind you.

Klikonsul consist of a bunch of nerds. All of us are professional writers and musicians. We have actual domain knowledge in addition to our legal experience. We have big dreams, big plans, and big goals. We’re in it for the long run. We’re not only looking for someone to work with. We’re growing a family member. If you want to be a part of our family, we encourage you to apply, regardless of your background, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, or religion.

I’m so excited to receive your application. Blow my mind away, my friends.

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