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[Festival] 141024-26 Java Sounds Fair, Jakarta

And here we are at Java Sounds Fair, dubbed as the combination of Java Rockin’ Land and Java Soulnation. I won’t miss Soulnation much, but I’ve been missing Rockin’ Land every day. I used to come to JRL every year. I never missed it. :(

As excited as I was for Sounds Fair, the line up was a bit disappointing for me. I saw more of Soulnation than Rockin’ Land in it. Don’t expect any metal or hardcore bands. The loudest band in the festival was Asian Dub Foundation. The rest was dance. Anyway, I’m here to give you the highlights.

I went straight from work to JCC for Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra and they’re as great as I imagined they would be. Even my boss was there for the band. They ska covered a lot of popular soundtracks, so the non-listeners could still relate to the party.

Barry’s band, Suddenly September, played in the lobby. They’re pretty much permanent guest for Java Festival Production. I wasn’t surprised to see them there. (more…)

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The Musical Rehearsal

I told you already that I joined a musical. Since they’ve announced it, I’d like to tell you that INARTE proudly presents Les Miserables. You can check out @inarte_‘s Twitter for more info. I think they’re still open for audition.

I’ll be participating as an extra talent. Don’t put too much into it, I’m merely looking for a new experience. Besides, many of the casts are professionally-trained vocalists and their voices are gold. I consider myself lucky if I can sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star without missing a note.

So now my weekends are full with rehearsals. I never had any interest in Les Miserables before this, because I thought it was boring. We’ll be performing Herbert Kretzmer’s classic piece. Istg I started with zero knowledge of the songs and now all of the numbers are constantly playing in my head. So far my favorite is Master of the House. It’s exceptionally witty, more than the others.

But what’s even more fun is the new friends I’ve gained in the production. These people are so talented, including Little Cosette and Gavroche. They’re actually played by kids and they sing much better than me hahaha


Lunch break under the tree

My main objective to join this production is also met. I have a better idea of how production works, from rehearsals, makeup, costume, venue booking, etc. I have a pretty solid picture now how the legal structure works. I imagine a professional theater will be even more challenging, but that’s another mountain to climb later. Right now, let’s memorize the whole play, because as an extra, I actually appear more than the main casts xD

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Saturday passed by with a woosh. As if I’m not busy enough, I auditioned for a musical theater so early in the morning. I have a couple of reasons. One, to observe the ins and outs of a theater production (for the benefit of Klikonsul of course); and two, to cross an item off of my bucket list, which is to perform on a real stage.

And so I found myself panicking over a song to sing before I chose Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Ten Minutes Ago. It was the safest choice, because I already knew the lyrics and it’s within my alto range. And guess what. I got in! We all did actually haha I think as long as you could carry a tune, you’d get in. I’m waiting for my role assignment now. There’s nothing much to talk about, cos there’s only been one rehearsal for me.

In the afternoon, I rushed to Johar Baru to prepare the launching of our legal aid institution. I didn’t expect it, but there were more than 50 guests that attended the event, including the alumni. The small GmnI headquarter was cramped. The air conditioners did nothing to cool us all. But the discussion was lively and all the speakers shared a lot of important stuff. It was quite intimate, really, which is good.


The guys pushed me upfront to play MC. It was so embarrassing when I led the GmnI yell and I got it wrong. I know nothing of it. But we got through it fine. Now that we’ve been officially introduced, come, come! Let me know if you know anyone who needs legal assistance but can’t afford it. Here’s our email: .

After we wrapped up the launching, I dashed to Lucy to meet the girls. Maria and Erin arranged this mini reunion and there I met them, Deavy, and Cecil. They’re my lowerclassmen in high school. Other than Maria, I almost never met the others after graduation. The tomboy Deavy and Cecil are sporting long hair now and look very girly. They even had makeup on haha the tomboy Erin became even more of a tomboy and it was interesting to see how we’ve all grown up.

Of course we gossipped. We just had to share what we knew about other high school mates that we still talked to or forgot. I found some surprising things. My HUGE crush broke up with his high school sweetheart. And I thought they’re gonna get married! They were together for soooo long, but he’s single now. My cue to step forward. The other surprising news is another major crush of mine turned up to be quite a beater, as in he beat up his ex-girlfriend, who is also a friend of mine. That made me pause a bit. The guy fell into a drug addiction and the rumor was that’s what caused the change in behavior. To think that we first met him when he was at the seminary. Oh, dear…


Maria, me, Erin, Deavy. Cecil already left.

But anyway, the clock struck midnight and my body felt like it was about to shut down any moment. Deavy stayed to party, while the rest of us excused ourselves. Back at home, I slept like the dead and missed the musical rehearsal on Sunday.

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The Bar Exam

In order to be an advocate (barrister or litigation lawyers), there is a few steps to be taken. You must be a Bachelor of Law, you attend the training program for a couple of months, pass the bar exam, then do an apprenticeship for 2 years, where you assist a teaching advocate in 6 civil and 6 criminal cases.

Bachelor of law, got it. Training program, got it too. Then the bar exam happened last Saturday.

You’ve probably known by now that I have a conflicted feeling about my profession’s association. I just feel like there’s a lot of shady stuff in it, especially when it comes to the billions of money they collect from training programs and bar exams. The training program fee increases anually. Last year was 5 million IDR, this year it’s 6 million. The bar exam registration fee itself is 1 million. The training program offered me nothing new, and I could learn the topics myself at home, because everything was about textbook reading. No practice. Then there’s the bar exam.

I can go on and on about the bar exam. Truthfully, I didn’t study much for it. I was not motivated at all. I took a look at previous years’ questions and everything was about memorizing the textbooks. There’s no question that demands your analytical skill. There are always 2 essay questions, each for arbitration and civil, and you only answer one. The popular question is the civil one, because it’s relatively easier. Usually it asks us to draft a power of attorney and a lawsuit application. Furthermore, I have another reservation about this exam. I’m so against closed-book legal exams, because that’s ridiculous. There are so many procedures and articles to memorize! And when we apply it at work, we have all the material that we need, so a closed-book exam is a weird concept. But that’s what happens here.

Anyway, I took my bar exam and out of 120 multiple choice questions, I was only certain I answered 40 questions right. The next 40 were probably right, and the last 40 were guesses. You should know that there was one question about how many buttons there are in a lawyer’s robe. These people have gone mad. My weakest questions were those regarding the association. I didn’t study the subject much because I still don’t see how it’ll benefit me in the future. They’re always fighting within themselves anyway. The essays were considerably easier than last year’s questions. The arbitration question was theoritical, and the civil one only asked us to draft a lawsuit.

Oh, and there’s also the matter of the answer sheet. They still use that computerized answer sheet, where you circle and blacken the letter of your answer and you got to keep the paper clean. You have to circle the letter fully and color it really black, without coloring it outside of the line, so that the computer won’t miss it. My generation is familiar with this answer sheet, cos we’ve been using it for all national exams. The older ones though, they were having a hard time doing it. We had 2 hours to answer the questions and coloring our answers needed more time than that. So there was a case of this senior lawyer who failed to answer the exam properly because it was difficult for him to circle everything. What if he answered everything right and he failed cos of this answering method?

Announcement is in November and I’m not entirely sure I’ll pass it. I’m going to admit that I wasn’t ready for the exam and I still think it’s ridiculous. The only reason I want to pass it is so that I can get it over with. If I don’t, well not being an advocate is fine too for me.


Tami and I before and after the bar exam

In case anyone from the bar association is reading this, I’m not insulting nor defaming you or anything. This is a review, and you have a lot to fix.

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140831 Independence Day Run

In celebration of Indonesia’s anniversary, the presidential palace organized a mass race of 17km and 8km with the Secret Service as the committee. The race charged you nothing for registration, so naturally, a lot of people went for it. There were around 50,000 runners, including Echa and I for 8k. Unfortunately, Echa couldn’t make it. I wasn’t able to meet my other friends too due to poor cellphone reception and there were just too many people for comfort. I ended up running alone.

The route was from the presidential palace all the way to Chase Plaza, then we’d make a u-turn and finish in Monas. There were just so many people, it was not fun to run. In the middle of running I got hungry, and so I got myself some snack and continued the rest of the way walking. My time was 1 hour, 38 minutes. But hey, it’s my first 8k.


I got no medal by the way hahaha I looked around Monas for food, but there were soooo many people. I didn’t look very far. I ate whatever I came across with. There was the military marching band performing. They passed me when I was eating, playing I Have A Dream on the xylophone. I can’t believe that song is still the ultimate marching band number.

I don’t know whether it was for practice or a show on purpose, but when we ran, five military jets somersaulted in the sky. Then there were also a bunch of people parachuting to Monas. It looks kinda pretty on pictures.


I was so tired so I didn’t hang out for very long. Getting out of Monas was a chore too cos some stupid head closed the main gate. We had to enter and exit through the individual gate, resulting in a heated bottleneck. And those people smelled too. :(

Even when I finally got out of Monas. The roads were closed and Transjakarta didn’t operate until 10am. I had no means of getting home. I ended up watching the marching band again.


But thank heavens I found an ojek. I went home and went straight to sleep. The run wasn’t fun at all, but since it was free, I guess it’s fine.

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