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I’m reading a new book now, “Bumi (Earth)” by Tere Liye. Fantasy and Indonesian. The back cover says nothing much about the story other than our main character can disappear. Tere Liye chose a witty name for her: Raib (disappear). I didn’t even care if it was going to be a bad read. If it’s Indonesian and fantasy, I’ll read it. SF/F is a genre Indonesian writers rarely explore. It’s funny, because our folklore could have been a huge source of inspiration. We have our own myth, creatures, and magic system. Harry Potter who?

So far Bumi is draggy but I’m invested in knowing the whole story. I have a feeling it’s going to be an epic one. Tere Liye’s Indonesian skill is also good, so at least the passages are not annoying me. I’m planning to read it on my flight tomorrow, but it looks like I’ll finish it tonight.

The minute they told me I’d be going to Singapore, I knew I’d return to Books Actually. I can’t wait to get my hands on later editions of Lontar (I only have the first one). Perhaps I’ll take some Alfian Sa’at’s too. There’s also a lot of speculative stories there, so my visit would be a feast.

Have you checked out the new updates of WordPress app? It’s pretty neat, huh?

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My Collection

Have I told you that I collect my friends’ artwork? I have tons of them. Rora’s postcard, Nin’s artbook, Dira’s and Silmi’s illustration, to name a few. I love seeing how they’ve grown through their art.

Today Bubu’s artbook arrived! It’s pages and pages of beautiful pictures drawn in beautiful colors. I must say the copywriting needs some heavy editing though. Nevertheless, another addition to my growing collection!


"Symphony of Spring" by Bubu

Now I’m waiting for Rora’s new postcard collection to arrive in the mailbox. Collect them before they become rare and famous items. xD

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The Cheshire Cat

This weekend has been crazy with the Big Bang concert tickets sale. I expected it to be a hit, but I didn’t expect it to be this big of a hit. Two most expensive categories of tickets were gone in several hours. And I thought Super Junior was famous.

Today, I don’t think FanTix can hide behind its ‘fan’ status anymore. In the beginning, we were small and people knew what we were, so they understood our limitations. This time, we’re one of the two official ticketboxes, the other one’s being an actual, proper ticketbox, so I guess people think FanTix is an actual ticketbox business too.

To tell you the truth, we’re just a bunch of fans trying to help out fellow fans. Our system is run manually. If we had the money, we would be shit fancy right now. But I don’t see the point of explaining that to desperate and panicked fans, so the best thing we can do is to deliver the rate of professionalism they expect from us.

All I’m trying to say is Saturday was insane. I was glued to my phone from 8am until the next 14 hours. A lot of things happened that would have made me mad, but I made a point of not taking them to heart. The three of us are pretty much on autopilot now dealing with it. I think our teamwork’s been great this weekend.

Winding down was good and chill. Most fun I’d had in recent weeks. It ended with the cheshire cat grin and now I’m suffering the aftermath.

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I consider my physical self and internet persona to be the same. There’s no difference between the two. OL or AFK, both are public platform, and when in public I always remember the mommy rule. If you got nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. But I tweak it a bit. If you got nothing productive to say, don’t say anything at all. Thus I always aim to be insightful in every statement, kind or unkind, I make on the internet. If I have nothing new to add to the conversation, I’ll shut up.

Today though, I (sort of) broke that rule by bursting my disagreement with Ramadhan culture in Indonesia. It’s my least favorite month of the year. I made a comment about the exceptional hypocrisy, a month long super traffic jam, and the uber loud mosques. My comment got deleted by AskFM because they thought it was offensive. It was also not displayed long enough to earn me hate messages from the fanatics.

But maybe it’s what I needed. This disappearance of my comment led me to review about what I should and should not say in public considering the personal branding I’ve maintained so far. Ugh it frustrates me that I can’t say whatever I want. Many times I’d feel like picking a fight with people because I don’t want to hold back. Unfortunately, we live in a sensitive world. So here I am annoyed and grumbling with a lot words unsaid inside my head.

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The Absolute Formula

Call me juvenile, but I really like books from the young adult genre. And that’s the kind of books I want to write. That’s also the kind of readers I want to have. I’ve never grown out of it. Young adult books are where the magic still exists. It consists of everything I like to read in a book: adventure, epic movement, action, romance, fantasy (mostly), and most of all: the characters thinking for themselves. Compared to more mature books (aka adult books), YA books are uplifting, optimistic, as well as entertaining. Adult books are so depressing. I took a look at the adult books I’ve read so far and most of them discuss the lethargy of living a seasoned life. IKR #depressing

I’ve been desperate for a good YA book though. I started reading the Delirium trilogy, and it’s not bad. The first book is boring, but the second one is ok. Reading the third one now.

Here, have a GIF of Sam Weber’s process in drawing an ebook cover of my favorite YA book.



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