Don’t Interrupt Me

I’m taking my time and energy back. Instant gratification will slowly be the death of me. I have actively decreased my activity for the past couple of months in order for more time to breathe, think, and relax. I have even turned off my phone sound for the last six months. However, its vibration is still too loud for my liking.

Therefore, I’m turning everything off. I will only check my messages, emails, and social media during lunch and after work. If it’s urgent, call me. I don’t silence my phone for calls. If you want to talk, meet me. I’m not a huge fan of texting anyway.

I admit this is still an experiment phase. We’ll see how I fare in the first week. I’m hoping to get more time to write, read, and work out of this. But most of all, I’m hoping to be dragged in less drama.

Let’s call this digital minimalism. I want more quality in my face-to-face interactions with you.

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Pendaftaran Project #SS6INA

Tiket bisa dibeli di FanTix.

Tiket bisa dibeli di FanTix.

Halo, saya Uti (@writerinthedark), salah satu pendiri @TwELFs juga. Saya sudah ditunjuk oleh promotor Super Show 6 Indonesia, Synergism Entertainment, untuk menyaring fanprojects SS6INA.

Berikut adalah tata cara memasukkan fanproject:
1. Tulis dan rincikan fanproject kamu dalam 1 (satu) dokumen word. 1 (satu) dokumen aja, ga usah banyak-banyak ya.

2. Halaman pertama diisi dengan informasi koordinator project: nama, nomor telepon, email, twitter, contact person, fanbase (jika ada). Kalau koordinator ada lebih dari 1 (satu), tulis semua namanya, dan tunjuk 1 (satu) pemimpinnya.

3. Deskripsikan fanproject dengan rinci. Fanproject-nya apa, alatnya apa aja, dan berapa banyak. Terus design-nya bagaimana (kalau ada). Terus jadwalnya bagaimana, kapan barangnya masuk atau dibagikan, kapan project-nya dilaksanakan (pas lagu apa, dan seterusnya), pokoknya yang sejelas-jelasnya ya.

4. Setelah identitas diri dan fanproject kamu jelaskan dengan rinci, dokumennya di-upload ke Google Drive atau Dropbox, kemudian mention link-nya ke Twitter saya. Ingat, file-nya jangan di-private ya, biar saya bisa liat.

UPDATED 150407 17.00 WIB
5. Pendaftaran ditutup tanggal 14 April 2015 jam 23.00 WIB.

Saya akan berkoordinasi dengan promotor dalam menyeleksi fanproject yang akan dipilih. Hanya fanproject terpilih yang akan saya hubungi melalui Twitter, dan setelah itu pembicaraan akan dilanjutkan melalui email.

Terima kasih! ^^

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Have you checked it out? Check it out now!, go go go!

A little bit about what happened behind the scene can be read in our latest blog post. We’ve even dedicated a page to credit everyone who has helped us in making this website, the photographer, the designers, the make up artists, I’m so excited to make this list longer. Let’s face it, we’re helpless without all of you. They’re all our friends, and we’re very grateful they gave us start-up privilege in terms of rates. xD

This official site is not that different from our (now closed) old WordPress. The concept is still the same, which is blogging about Indonesian entertainment law and business. But with this new site, we added more pages for profiles, contacts, and communities. My aim is to turn this site into a hub for creative workers, where we can exchange ideas and support.

My experience of running fansites has helped a lot now that I’m managing a real business website. I learned more about Search Engine Optimization and after knowing this term for years, today I finally got the hang of it. I still need to work on not only how to get people on the site, but also to get them to participate in the discussions. That’s a real challenge. The only solution is to post interesting stuff, I suppose. Next is networking. The community page is currently empty, because I’m still finalizing it. I just want to make sure that we have the community owners’ permission to put their links there.

I am so excited. We have a bunch of clients now, and they consult interesting cases. At the same time, we’re also trying to keep a regular blog posting. But we’re enjoying every single moment of it. Once again, thank you so much, guys, for the support!

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Sneak Peek: Klikonsul’s Website

Two months in the making and it’s almost ready!

A sneak peek of Klikonsul’s homepage

Soon, we’re leaving our WordPress blog and moving to our official one. Sasha designed, modified, and developed everything. Contents are mostly by me. We tried our best to make it look professional but with more sense of humor compared to other legal consultant websites. We even took the photoshoot seriously, with a stylist, make up artist and all. More stories to come when we launch it!

Preview of one of our pictures. Channelling our inner boyband/girlband.

We’re launching next Monday, 6 October. Please anticipate our website. We’re so proud of it. :)))

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Today time flew. I didn’t even notice it taking off this morning. I got up, took my meds, and off I went to the office. Four days at home during the week before felt like an eternity. I sat down in my desk, checked my mails, read my feeds, and found myself with no task list, nothing to do whatsoever, as usual. So I started my pet project.

Rachel was right. There’s no excuse for me to be not learning anything, even though I’m working a job with no task list for the past 4 months. I should be grateful, cos it means I have all the time in the world to learn, read, and write anything I want. I met JDW too last Friday. What a life-changing moment. I’d been trying to get in touch with him since last year and I finally met him. It lasted less than 2 hours but I already learned so much from him. I told him my dreams, my projects, my ideas, he didn’t laugh at a single one of them. After chatting with him, I left Starbucks with a new found motivation.

So here you go. I’ve started a blawg. There’s no point waiting for Barry to get on this entertainment law bandwagon, cos he’s taking forever to warm up. I’m gonna start first, relieving my curiosity of the subject as well as exercising my legal skills. I’m driving this to get somewhere. Where? We’ll see.

Ender’s Game Week has also started at Tumblr guys! These are my entries. People have been posting great fanarts. You should check them out at Tumblr, the hashtag is #egweek.

Chenpionships have been released too! I only read my prompt fic and it’s good. You should check the fics too for the Chen galore!

Ah, it’s so nice seeing my projects get done one by one hehe x]

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