Don’t Interrupt Me

I’m taking my time and energy back. Instant gratification will slowly be the death of me. I have actively decreased my activity for the past couple of months in order for more time to breathe, think, and relax. I have even turned off my phone sound for the last six months. However, its vibration is still too loud for my liking.

Therefore, I’m turning everything off. I will only check my messages, emails, and social media during lunch and after work. If it’s urgent, call me. I don’t silence my phone for calls. If you want to talk, meet me. I’m not a huge fan of texting anyway.

I admit this is still an experiment phase. We’ll see how I fare in the first week. I’m hoping to get more time to write, read, and work out of this. But most of all, I’m hoping to be dragged in less drama.

Let’s call this digital minimalism. I want more quality in my face-to-face interactions with you.

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