The Wild Angle (of Writing)

Willy Pramudya taught the whole staff how to write popular articles today. As an exercise on angles, he asked us to draw our water bottles as we saw them in front of us.

I knew I didn’t want to draw it standing up, because that would be boring. My guts told me to draw the bottom of the bottle, but I couldn’t find the reason immediately. Would it be pretentious? Would people even recognise my drawing as a bottle? I shelved that thought and drew it upside down instead.

I was one of two participants who drew the bottle upside down. The others drew the bottles with a glass, different bottles, even a discarded bottle. I told him I wanted to ignite the readers’ curiosity, why is the bottle upside down? He appreciated the thought, but he was disappointed no one drew the bottom of the bottle, because that would be a wild angle. Then I realise that I could draw the bottom of the bottle because people rarely pay attention to it.

Oh, dear. As someone who writes, no one was more disappointed about it than me. I should have dared to take that wild angle.

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